Here we go!

Back to the gym

I moved from P block down to X block, the gym is less convenient to go to, and since it takes more effort to get there, I just haven’t been going.

Tonight after work, I decided to go to the gym.  I sat down in my room for a few minutes and ate some motivation (Oreos), then headed to the gym.

I forgot, it’s Monday, the busiest night at the gym, and so many familiar faces in there, shocked to see me back.

I played on the rowing machine for a bit, then tried lifting the weight on the machine, but it was too heavy.  Jogged back with Duncan, and that’s it! I’m still sweating as I write this, and with a new blister on my finger.

Need to cool down, have a shower, then see what is for dinner!

Chow Mein Tuesday (29th April)

Had fried noodles on Tuesday for lunch, and then dinner!  It wasn’t great, but was nice for a change.


While others at the office were having a healthy lunch “happy meal”.

20140429_123922_Route Municipale 14


Pussy also had feeding time.


As it was the day of new moon, we wanted to go out to take photographs of the milky way, but it was too cloudy Sad smile

Bye Curtis: 30th April 2014

Wednesday 30th April was Curtis’ last day here.  Curtis gave the best advice for being here: “Lower your expectations”.  bye bye!

20140430_163546_Route Municipale 14

Here’s my lunch on Wednesday.


and my green tea latte (I’m finishing off my satchets I bought in Tokyo when I was there last year).  They are expired now because I was saving them up, but now, I’m finishing them all!

20140430_100240_Route Municipale 1420140430_093635_Route Municipale 14

Saturday 3rd May 2014

I can’t take milk.

On Saturday morning, I had cereal and milk for breakfast.

Then at the office, I drank a green tea latte, with milk.

Followed by a chocolate drink, with milk.

After that, milk.

Then for the rest of the day, my stomach wasn’t feeling comfortable.

In the afternoon, I became very hungry.  I searched my drawers and found a bowl of noodles which past it’s best before date in January.  I know these things are full of preservatives, so I ate it.

20140503_155317_Route Municipale 14

When leaving work, I saw grand-mother-pussy and kittenpussy.  The other 2 kittens are gone now.

20140503_172702_Unnamed Rd

This grand-mother-pussy is the mother-of-all!

Then we had the surprisingly good dinner at the canteen, followed by LAN gaming!

Friday 2nd May 2014

After work on Friday, I continued on my journey of learning to play tennis, with Flore, Duncan, and Scott.  I have a lot to work on, and will keep trying!  After tennis, we went out to Peter’s Grill.  It was so quiet there, other than our group, there were only 2 other ladies there.  On the way there, we already decided that we would order 4 pizzas.  When we ordered pizza, his pizza-maker-woman said that she only had enough dough for one pizza, but he persuaded her that 2 were possible.  So the dough for one pizza base, was made to make two pizzas, and they were super thin!  We also had frites and some brochettes.  It was nice to get out of camp, and escape the plastic cutlery.



Then we had Magnum for dessert.


and left.




Sunday: East Coast Daytrip

Here’s a photo of the canteen this morning (still with the decorations from last night).


Constantin, Marius and I departed camp at 8am.

We stopped at the shop to buy food and drinks.


Then headed over the hills, to the East coast.

We stopped on the way.  It was a bit tricky climbing down as the rocks were quite slippery on the wet sections.  So we had to walk very carefully.



The rocks are very beautiful.



_DSC2387I tried out the new “Smooth Reflection” app on my camera.  You can select the type of scene “Twilight Reflection”, “Water Flow”, “Silent”, “Smoke Haze”, “Monotone” or “Custom”, then you can select the smoothing LO, MID or HI, which varies the number of exposures it will take.  So instead of using an ND filter, you can use this!  Here’s the results, usually from 32 shots.





and some self-photos before we continued our journey!


When we arrived there, there was no one else there, but by the time we left, there were about 5 other cars there!  We continued on our journey and passed through Poindimie, towards a camping site.  The East coast is very friendly, everyone you drive past will wave.

We arrived at the camp site, it was very well maintained, with a nice breeze and many trees.




Marius started the fire and prepared the meat.








It was delicious.

After lunch, we took more photos.  Marius and Constantin were taking photos of a blue kingfisher.



I tried, but with only a 75mm lens, I could barely see it, so I took other photos.





and used the smooth reflection app for a few more shots.



Here’s Marius doing macro.


Then we headed back.  It started raining, and I had a nap, then we stopped because the fog rising over the hills looked great.






When we arrived back, it was still very foggy over the hills, so we stopped at the industrial area for some photos of the windmills covered in fog.


But the mosquitos started biting, so we came back to camp.

All of these photos today are JPEGs straight out of camera, because I don’t have time to go through them in Lightroom right now!  I’ll try to update with the previous few weeks worth of photographs and activity, I’ve just been so busy!

Tonight’s dinner was surprisingly good!

Walked into the canteen at 6:30pm, and intended to eat very quickly so that I could set up the room for LAN.  There were Oriental decorations and a special menu.  I don’t know what the occasion was, but the food was good tasting.  At first, I had the chicken, which had real pieces of ginger with it!  Then when I had finished that, everyone else was telling me that I should have the pork.  So I had a serving of rice and pork as well, and that was good, I could still feel the spicy feeling in my mouth when I left the canteen! wow….  and I walked in expecting just to have a quick eat…  so I didn’t bring my camera/phone, so no photos Sad smile  After dinner, I went to set up the room for LAN.  There were 5 of us, we played Counter-strike and then some Warcraft.  I hope to update this blog soon with all the recent happenings, but I’ve been so busy! Goodnight!

Lost my pen :(

When lining up at the immigration counter at Tonouta Airport, the guy behind me asked if he could borrow my pen.  After I had gone through immigration, he was still filling in his papers, so I went to the toilet.  I came back, and he was gone… I looked for him… but he was gone… with my pen Sad smile

Sunday Morning Outing: Pouembout

Got home late last night after watching the stars (around 11pm), then was out at the bus stop again at 4:30am this morning.  However, the rest did not come until later and we didn’t leave until 5am!

Brian had the wrong shoes on.



Got to Pouembout just before 6am.  Fish were jumping out of the water!







Not many fish were caught.


I made a ridiculous timelapse to try out the Timelapse app.



Had a nice fish soup and rice for breakfast.


Then dropped by Kone on the way back.




We were sleepy.


After getting back, I had a good shower and nap.  Then got up for lunch, after lunch, more eating at an undisclosed location!


Later on, the maga was ready.  Nice and sweet!


I’ve had too much to eat today!

Shoot the stars!

After a hectic week, went out to the industrial area last night.  The sky was clear, the light pollution low, and, I have never seen so many stars before!

Spent a few hours there.