Here we go!

Oh Oh Mount Voh

Left camp at 8am, by myself.  Based on some rough directions, I parked next to the cemetery.  Then I didn’t know where to go, so gave Duncan a call and he told me the right direction.  Then the walk began!

It was a lot more difficult than I was expecting.  I reached what I thought was the first lookout, the halfway point, but actually, that was barely even before the climb started!

I stopped for a break, and to take photos.


While I was taking photos, a man came, it was Francois!


Francois accompanied me me until the halfway point where I stopped for more photos, while he continued.

I continued on, and when I had almost reached the top, then I saw Francois again, this time coming down.


At the top, I was taking photographs again.



then Tim and Michael came running up!


We took some photos.


I showed Tim the good rock to sit on!



Then we started the decent.


When coming back down, we noticed that it looked different from when we were going up, then I checked the GPS tracking and realised that we had gone back on the wrong path, by a long way!  So we had to turn back and backtrack a while before we reached the correct path again.  We jogged down a bit, then walked the rest.  My legs could really feel it!

I used the “My Tracks” app to track my path. Here’s the path, you can see where I started, near the cemetery, all the way to the top, and then our wrong-way decent, backtrack, and back down again.

And for interest, the statistics:

Name: Mount Voh
Activity type: walking
Description: –
Total distance: 14.09 km (8.8 mi)
Total time: 3:34:58
Moving time: 2:51:04
Average speed: 3.93 km/h (2.4 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 4.94 km/h (3.1 mi/h)
Max speed: 10.90 km/h (6.8 mi/h)
Average pace: 15:16 min/km (24:34 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 12:09 min/km (19:33 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 5:30 min/km (8:52 min/mi)
Max elevation: 696 m (2283 ft)
Min elevation: 74 m (242 ft)
Elevation gain: 1799 m (5902 ft)
Max grade: 24 %
Min grade: -23 %
Recorded: 25/05/2014 08:33

Finally we reached the bottom, Tim and Michael dropped me at my car, and then I drove back.  Had a quick shower, then to the canteen for lunch.  Ribs and chips, and…. ICECREAM! yay! icecream! I had another cup of icecream as I walked out the canteen.


I was feeling so tired, but at lunch, I saw jesus (pronounced hey-zoos!), who asked when we can play tennis again, and  said tonight!   So I booked the courts and went down there at 7.  However, jesus didn’t show up, so I played with Duncan and Delon.  Mostly with Delon who was helping me to work on serving.  It’s a lot of fun, I haven’t played since… last night!  Thinking about it, I’ve played every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday night for the past few weeks!  If the weather permits, this week, I’ll play Monday and Tuesday!

So tired now…!



Click to see it large!

Goodbye Filipino Friends!

Many of our Filipino colleagues left us this week Sad smile  I’ll miss them very much!




We have a few friends still with us!

20140523_074343_Route Municipale 14

Martin, Emerson and Scott received Brazil shirts for safety awards.

20140523_082343_Route Municipale 14


Tuisko brought nice cakes for us! yum.

20140523_082940_Route Municipale 14

The cleaner in the office decorates our office with flowers.

20140523_155531_Route Municipale 14

20140523_155557_Route Municipale 14

Me and Lak.


Shadow of the plant.


Saturday afternoon, we had a little afternoon tour.




Duncan and Marc, the electrical engineers who commissioned this plant.


Then we had gaming on Saturday night.  Need for speed!  Duncan bought us red bean pancakes from Japan.


Wednesday 21st May

Chowmein and ribs for lunch!


White pussy.


The view while walking to plant.


I saw Jose giving Lak an in-room haircut.


Everyone must have waited until he got back for a haircut! Smile

Welcome back, and new jacket!

Today, many people came back from R&R! Flore, Duncan, Delon, Michael, Boon!  So happy to see them all back!  Boon brought a lot of gear! hoho!

Duncan went to Japan and did all the greatest things there!  He bought me a giant pocky!

20140519_150549_Unnamed Rd

20140519_152716_Route Municipale 14

20140519_152823_Route Municipale 1420140519_153003_Route Municipale 14

I discovered a new hole in my favourite red socks!

20140519_153440_Route Municipale 14

But on the bright side, I got a new jacket!

20140519_171133_Route Municipale 14

After work, I played tennis with Scott, I think I’ve improved a lot, as I was doing better than yesterday!  But the ball of my foot started to blister.  After tennis, I came to my room and rested a bit before going to dinner.  It was nice to see everyone together at dinner Smile

Koumac Sunday

Left camp at 8am with Constantin, Marius, and Michael.  Dropped by the supermarket for some snacks.



Saw Nathaniel outside!  I used to get PPE from him, but he no longer works at Koniambo.


We made a stop on the way to the caves.







Then back into the car, and towards the caves.



Then Aurelie, Jacu, Luke and Lydia arrived, so we went inside.



I saw a bat, I was scared at first, then Marius said it’s cute, then I started to think it was cute too.






Spent a while inside, but this time, we didn’t go through the whole cave, just through the first few rooms.  Then we came out.


After the caves, we went to Le Skipper for lunch.


I tried Jacu’s lens, it’s for crop sensor, and I didn’t turn on the crop-lens-detect at first.  So it gave a nice vignette.


It was a fun little lens to use, and nice to have autofocus!


Good for selfies.


so I could enable face-detect.




Jacu got to try my lens on his camera.



Then I got my lens back Smile


The food took a long time to come, I had salmon and fries.


and then a karanoughat for dessert.

20140518_142108_Unnamed Rd

Glasses swap

20140518_143926_Unnamed Rd

After lunch, we went outside for a quick walk.  It was very windy.





Then we came back to camp.  I played tennis, then had a rest (cut most of the hair off my face!) before dinner.  Ready for another week!  2 weeks left until R&R Smile  I hope to keep warm tonight, it was so cold last night that I kept waking up!

“Best before” means “still okay after”, right?

As I finish here at the end of next month, I’m making sure I eat the rest of the food I have.

Today, found a tin of milo at the back of my cupboard.  BNIB (brand new in box), foil still intact, inherited from Ray before he left.

I looked at the best before date at the bottom.

20140514_133121_Route Municipale 14

October 2012… that’s when I first arrived here!

Emerson cares for me and wanted to take it away from me, but I think it’s fine!  Well… I still feel fine!

Sunday Beach Picnic

At 7:30, I went to the canteen to have breakfast (potatoes, 2 sausages, 3 croissants).  The serving lady was funny, she said “you are beautiful boy”.  So I replied “merci”. lolol.

Went to get on the bus at 8:45.  But it took a while before the bus left.


The first stop, was at Kone, for food.  I took some photos around here while waiting, just to remember us, in Kone Smile




We saw Lak there too!






Then back onto the bus, and headed to Faoue beach.



It was my first time to this beach.  When we got there, it was quite cloudy.



Many of the Filipino guys headed straight to the water and started pulling crabs out!



Here’s a small one Richard was showing me, he was holding it in his thongs.





While another group started the fire and food preparation.






When you stop for a moment, and look into the water, there is so much life in there!  I saw many starfish, and didn’t want to walk into the water, I didn’t want to step on them!




There were many drinks.



and Brian cooking.


Today is mother’s day!








Thomas cooked bak kut teh.


And the other guys cooked pork adobo.



It was very relaxing.




Then Brian cooked noodles.




Emerson cooked fried chicken.


While I lay down, and look up into the trees.



I haven’t shaved for a while! HE HE

Then I ate the fried chicken with sauce.


Me with Brian the pro-cook!


With Ryonall,


With Franklin, Reden and Marc.



The ladies were painting their finger nails.  Martin said he’d do it if Thomas did it… and then Thomas did….




Here’s Emerson cleaning his pot.


and a group of guys singing.


And some more fun.




Then I left with Josh instead of waiting for the bus.  When I got back to camp, I had a shower and relaxed for a bit, then went to play tennis with Andrew.  It was just more practice for me, and it was a lot of fun.  We do ridiculous things.  We played across two tennis courts, hitting over the centre fence.  I’m really bad at playing, I wanted to hit the ball, but instead, it hit my forehead.  I hope it doesn’t bruise.  Then Scott came back (with the bus, which was delayed, and then broke down, then they had to wait for the replacement bus!), and then I left. 

I ate so much today that I’m too full to go to dinner.



After work today, I got a call from Scott, asking if I wanted to play tennis! So ok! I booked the court and went down there, practiced serving until Scott came.  Most times, I can hit it over the net and clear it well, so well, that I can even clear two nets (the tennis net, and the fence).  I think I’m improving though!  I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

After tennis, I went to dinner, and after dinner, back to my room for a quick shower, and to grab my laptop as I organised a gaming session tonight.


We just played counter-strike.  I was server, so had the advantage of no lag.



Had to finish early so that I could return the room keys to reception before they closed at 10pm.

Tomorrow, I will go out to the beach for a barbeque.

Here’s the pussy-of-the-day.

20140510_163145_Route Municipale 14


Weather turnaround!

It’s been warm and sunny here for the past few weeks, and humid since Sunday.

Last night, when I was leaving work, it started to rain.

This morning, I was awakened by the glass bottles in my room rattling, as my room was shaking from the strong winds.  It was raining for most of the day, and the air was cool.  It was a nice refreshing change.

In the morning, we had the weekly toolbox meeting.  I was presenting, again.  I went through the slides yesterday with safety-man-Marc and was ready.  On the way to the meeting, safety-man-Marc told me “remember Adam, no jokes, professional”.  So the safety meeting started, and I read the slides as straight as I could.

Everything was going fine, no jokes, professional.  About halfway through, I thought something was funny, but in my mind “remember Adam, no jokes, professional”.  However, I could not contain the laughter, I had to pause and hold my breath and not let it out.  I think others were noticing that I was trying to keep something in.  I was reading the list of offences that would cause expulsion from site, including the miscellaneous offences (narcotics, prostitution), then someone behind me said in a disappointed voice “so I can’t sell my body?”. Self control, no laughing, professional, hold my breath, don’t smile, hold my breath, bite my lip.  Then someone else said “no, not on site, but maybe at the bush-bar”… keep a straight face…ignore it… no… Then someone else called out “don’t smoke your vegetables”.  OK.  I couldn’t keep myself from laughing.  FAIL.

I continued to read the slides, as straight as I could, then, something was tickling me inside, I had to pause again and let safety-man-Marc take control to read the rest of the slide.  I would do so horribly badly in those “no laughing” games.  Almost like the time at bible study when Wilson was speaking seriously, but kept saying “inconsistent” as “incontinence”.  Pinch myself, bite my lip, hold my breath, don’t smile, emotionless…  I can’t not hide a laugh Sad smile

Anyway, moving on…

I got new rainboots today!  No more wet socks!

20140509_162936_Route Municipale 14

The issue is that, they are not steel-toed.  So I’m not allowed to wear them into the plant Sad smile 

Here’s a sign on the substation door.


“If nasty smell or an unexpected noise appears in the vicinity”…  What do you think of when you see that?  “A nasty smell or unexpected noise”.  I just think of the toilet.

Here’s Francois trying to change the canteen TV channel at Wednesday lunch so he could watch the hockey.


And here’s Jayson on the computer just before heading out to site.

20140507_132150_Route Municipale 14

Sometimes, with these face-coverings, I can’t tell who it is.  Even harder when it’s like this.

20140507_132207_Route Municipale 14

After a while, you can recognise them by body shape, and also by bandanna design.

On Wednesday night, mind blown.  I walked into the canteen, to see tables on one half changed.


New circular tables, and blue chairs!  Maybe someone will come and take our order as well!  The question now is, “who is more resistant to change?  Those who move to the other side of the canteen with the old-configuration of rectangular tables? Or those who stay on this side of the canteen but with circular tables?”.  Personally, I prefer sitting on this side of the canteen, even though the tables are circular.  Sitting on the other side of the canteen, makes me feel backwards, makes me feel as if I should switch hands to eat with, and hold the fork in my right hand and knife in left.

Here’s my Thursday lunch.


and here’s the lunch of the office-lunch-club.

20140508_123741_Route Municipale 14

And since it was Thursday, it’s burger night! woohoo!