My final R&R! Part 1–Brisbane and Perth

by Adam

Saturday 31st May was my travel day.  I slept late the night before and intended to sleep in (as my bus wasn’t departing until 9am). However, I easily woke up an hour before I usually do, and had a relaxed breakfast at my usual time.


After breakfast, I went back to my room and checked that I had everything packed, helped move some things from Andrew’s room to my room for keeping until he re-mobilises.  Then waited at the bus.


I was in the bus with Richard and Andrew, both demobilising.


We had some nems at the halfway stop.


At the airport, I went into the lounge (for the final time!), and had some snacks.20140531_124130_Unnamed Rd20140531_124529_Unnamed Rd

20140531_124532_Unnamed Rd20140531_125650_Unnamed Rd

Brought Andrew up too.

20140531_131157_Unnamed Rd

Ate more

20140531_131808_Unnamed Rd

Boarded the plane to Brisbane, and ate again.


The cheese was super orange!


There was a nice view of the reef.




Then came out at Brisbane airport.

20140531_161000_Qantas Dr

Daniel came and picked me up, and brought me up to Mt Cootha.20140531_165234_Cordelia St

20140531_165313_Victoria St

There were many people up there.


We went for a walk.




Then Daniel drove me back to my hotel and I checked in and had a quick rest.

20140531_174520_Roma St

I saw the Hatch office on the way!

20140531_172554_Boomerang St

William picked me up and we went to the German club for dinner.  It was a game-night (Brisbane vs Carlton), so it was tricky to get parking (and we could see many people getting fines on their car).  Met up with Adam, Amanda, and Sam.  Most of us had pork knuckle.

20140531_191502_Vulture St20140531_195755_Vulture St20140531_195845_Vulture St



It was a super happy lively atmosphere, with the entertainer one-man-band playing pop hits.



From there, I followed William to meet with his long-time friends.  Super-nice, had a great night! 

20140531_232516_Arkose St

Got back to my hotel and was in bed by 3am… then my alarm woke me up at 5:30am, to get ready to go to the airport.  So I crossed the road to Roma street station and caught the train to the airport.


Me sleep deprived.

20140601_062004_Parkland Crescent

Then I arrived at the airport.

20140601_065409_Airport Dr20140601_065653_Jim Soorley Bikeway20140601_065851_Alpinia Dr

I bought a dozen donuts.

20140601_071634_Alpinia Dr

20140601_071652_Alpinia Dr20140601_071719_Alpinia Dr

and ate them at the lounge.

20140601_073224_Alpinia Dr

20140601_073428_Alpinia Dr

Not all of them… I packed 10 into a plastic container into my backpack, ate one, and put one wrapped in tissue into my pocket to eat on the plane.

While waiting at the gate, there were sniffer dogs.  But they weren’t interested in my donuts.


I already ate at the lounge, but had another breakfast in the plane.


And took many photographs from the window.



Ate the cookies and cream donut from my pocket.



I’ve always wondered why Australia looks so patchy from the sky.

Landed around 12, and Julie picked me up.  Went home and rested.  Later in the evening, I went for a jog around the park.   And that was Sunday!