Here we go!

Night at Voh – Tuesday 20th May

Here’s some photographs from Tuesday night last week.  It was a dark night.  There was Constantin, Marius, Jacobus, Michael, Achim and Peter.  I was taking photographs and it was smelling like urine.  Shined my torch around and realised that there was a puddle nearby upwind!  I moved away from there and it was ok.






20140526_130716_Route Municipale 1420140526_131713_Route Municipale 1420140526_131735_Route Municipale 14

I ate it after dinner Smile  It was nice.

Here’s Ryonall’s fail-coffee in the morning.  The cup overflows!

20140526_091731_Route Municipale 14

My legs are still tired from Mount Voh and tennis yesterday, so I walking up the plant a bit slower today, and feeling it!  But… still managed to have a session of tennis with Andrew tonight, before dinner Smile