Welcome back, and new jacket!

by Adam

Today, many people came back from R&R! Flore, Duncan, Delon, Michael, Boon!  So happy to see them all back!  Boon brought a lot of gear! hoho!

Duncan went to Japan and did all the greatest things there!  He bought me a giant pocky!

20140519_150549_Unnamed Rd

20140519_152716_Route Municipale 14

20140519_152823_Route Municipale 1420140519_153003_Route Municipale 14

I discovered a new hole in my favourite red socks!

20140519_153440_Route Municipale 14

But on the bright side, I got a new jacket!

20140519_171133_Route Municipale 14

After work, I played tennis with Scott, I think I’ve improved a lot, as I was doing better than yesterday!  But the ball of my foot started to blister.  After tennis, I came to my room and rested a bit before going to dinner.  It was nice to see everyone together at dinner Smile