Koumac Sunday

by Adam

Left camp at 8am with Constantin, Marius, and Michael.  Dropped by the supermarket for some snacks.



Saw Nathaniel outside!  I used to get PPE from him, but he no longer works at Koniambo.


We made a stop on the way to the caves.







Then back into the car, and towards the caves.



Then Aurelie, Jacu, Luke and Lydia arrived, so we went inside.



I saw a bat, I was scared at first, then Marius said it’s cute, then I started to think it was cute too.






Spent a while inside, but this time, we didn’t go through the whole cave, just through the first few rooms.  Then we came out.


After the caves, we went to Le Skipper for lunch.


I tried Jacu’s lens, it’s for crop sensor, and I didn’t turn on the crop-lens-detect at first.  So it gave a nice vignette.


It was a fun little lens to use, and nice to have autofocus!


Good for selfies.


so I could enable face-detect.




Jacu got to try my lens on his camera.



Then I got my lens back Smile


The food took a long time to come, I had salmon and fries.


and then a karanoughat for dessert.

20140518_142108_Unnamed Rd

Glasses swap

20140518_143926_Unnamed Rd

After lunch, we went outside for a quick walk.  It was very windy.





Then we came back to camp.  I played tennis, then had a rest (cut most of the hair off my face!) before dinner.  Ready for another week!  2 weeks left until R&R Smile  I hope to keep warm tonight, it was so cold last night that I kept waking up!