Sunday Beach Picnic

by Adam

At 7:30, I went to the canteen to have breakfast (potatoes, 2 sausages, 3 croissants).  The serving lady was funny, she said “you are beautiful boy”.  So I replied “merci”. lolol.

Went to get on the bus at 8:45.  But it took a while before the bus left.


The first stop, was at Kone, for food.  I took some photos around here while waiting, just to remember us, in Kone Smile




We saw Lak there too!






Then back onto the bus, and headed to Faoue beach.



It was my first time to this beach.  When we got there, it was quite cloudy.



Many of the Filipino guys headed straight to the water and started pulling crabs out!



Here’s a small one Richard was showing me, he was holding it in his thongs.





While another group started the fire and food preparation.






When you stop for a moment, and look into the water, there is so much life in there!  I saw many starfish, and didn’t want to walk into the water, I didn’t want to step on them!




There were many drinks.



and Brian cooking.


Today is mother’s day!








Thomas cooked bak kut teh.


And the other guys cooked pork adobo.



It was very relaxing.




Then Brian cooked noodles.




Emerson cooked fried chicken.


While I lay down, and look up into the trees.



I haven’t shaved for a while! HE HE

Then I ate the fried chicken with sauce.


Me with Brian the pro-cook!


With Ryonall,


With Franklin, Reden and Marc.



The ladies were painting their finger nails.  Martin said he’d do it if Thomas did it… and then Thomas did….




Here’s Emerson cleaning his pot.


and a group of guys singing.


And some more fun.




Then I left with Josh instead of waiting for the bus.  When I got back to camp, I had a shower and relaxed for a bit, then went to play tennis with Andrew.  It was just more practice for me, and it was a lot of fun.  We do ridiculous things.  We played across two tennis courts, hitting over the centre fence.  I’m really bad at playing, I wanted to hit the ball, but instead, it hit my forehead.  I hope it doesn’t bruise.  Then Scott came back (with the bus, which was delayed, and then broke down, then they had to wait for the replacement bus!), and then I left. 

I ate so much today that I’m too full to go to dinner.