by Adam

After work today, I got a call from Scott, asking if I wanted to play tennis! So ok! I booked the court and went down there, practiced serving until Scott came.  Most times, I can hit it over the net and clear it well, so well, that I can even clear two nets (the tennis net, and the fence).  I think I’m improving though!  I’ll give it another go tomorrow.

After tennis, I went to dinner, and after dinner, back to my room for a quick shower, and to grab my laptop as I organised a gaming session tonight.


We just played counter-strike.  I was server, so had the advantage of no lag.



Had to finish early so that I could return the room keys to reception before they closed at 10pm.

Tomorrow, I will go out to the beach for a barbeque.

Here’s the pussy-of-the-day.

20140510_163145_Route Municipale 14