Weather turnaround!

by Adam

It’s been warm and sunny here for the past few weeks, and humid since Sunday.

Last night, when I was leaving work, it started to rain.

This morning, I was awakened by the glass bottles in my room rattling, as my room was shaking from the strong winds.  It was raining for most of the day, and the air was cool.  It was a nice refreshing change.

In the morning, we had the weekly toolbox meeting.  I was presenting, again.  I went through the slides yesterday with safety-man-Marc and was ready.  On the way to the meeting, safety-man-Marc told me “remember Adam, no jokes, professional”.  So the safety meeting started, and I read the slides as straight as I could.

Everything was going fine, no jokes, professional.  About halfway through, I thought something was funny, but in my mind “remember Adam, no jokes, professional”.  However, I could not contain the laughter, I had to pause and hold my breath and not let it out.  I think others were noticing that I was trying to keep something in.  I was reading the list of offences that would cause expulsion from site, including the miscellaneous offences (narcotics, prostitution), then someone behind me said in a disappointed voice “so I can’t sell my body?”. Self control, no laughing, professional, hold my breath, don’t smile, hold my breath, bite my lip.  Then someone else said “no, not on site, but maybe at the bush-bar”… keep a straight face…ignore it… no… Then someone else called out “don’t smoke your vegetables”.  OK.  I couldn’t keep myself from laughing.  FAIL.

I continued to read the slides, as straight as I could, then, something was tickling me inside, I had to pause again and let safety-man-Marc take control to read the rest of the slide.  I would do so horribly badly in those “no laughing” games.  Almost like the time at bible study when Wilson was speaking seriously, but kept saying “inconsistent” as “incontinence”.  Pinch myself, bite my lip, hold my breath, don’t smile, emotionless…  I can’t not hide a laugh Sad smile

Anyway, moving on…

I got new rainboots today!  No more wet socks!

20140509_162936_Route Municipale 14

The issue is that, they are not steel-toed.  So I’m not allowed to wear them into the plant Sad smile 

Here’s a sign on the substation door.


“If nasty smell or an unexpected noise appears in the vicinity”…  What do you think of when you see that?  “A nasty smell or unexpected noise”.  I just think of the toilet.

Here’s Francois trying to change the canteen TV channel at Wednesday lunch so he could watch the hockey.


And here’s Jayson on the computer just before heading out to site.

20140507_132150_Route Municipale 14

Sometimes, with these face-coverings, I can’t tell who it is.  Even harder when it’s like this.

20140507_132207_Route Municipale 14

After a while, you can recognise them by body shape, and also by bandanna design.

On Wednesday night, mind blown.  I walked into the canteen, to see tables on one half changed.


New circular tables, and blue chairs!  Maybe someone will come and take our order as well!  The question now is, “who is more resistant to change?  Those who move to the other side of the canteen with the old-configuration of rectangular tables? Or those who stay on this side of the canteen but with circular tables?”.  Personally, I prefer sitting on this side of the canteen, even though the tables are circular.  Sitting on the other side of the canteen, makes me feel backwards, makes me feel as if I should switch hands to eat with, and hold the fork in my right hand and knife in left.

Here’s my Thursday lunch.


and here’s the lunch of the office-lunch-club.

20140508_123741_Route Municipale 14

And since it was Thursday, it’s burger night! woohoo!