Saturday 3rd May 2014

by Adam

I can’t take milk.

On Saturday morning, I had cereal and milk for breakfast.

Then at the office, I drank a green tea latte, with milk.

Followed by a chocolate drink, with milk.

After that, milk.

Then for the rest of the day, my stomach wasn’t feeling comfortable.

In the afternoon, I became very hungry.  I searched my drawers and found a bowl of noodles which past it’s best before date in January.  I know these things are full of preservatives, so I ate it.

20140503_155317_Route Municipale 14

When leaving work, I saw grand-mother-pussy and kittenpussy.  The other 2 kittens are gone now.

20140503_172702_Unnamed Rd

This grand-mother-pussy is the mother-of-all!

Then we had the surprisingly good dinner at the canteen, followed by LAN gaming!