Friday 2nd May 2014

by Adam

After work on Friday, I continued on my journey of learning to play tennis, with Flore, Duncan, and Scott.  I have a lot to work on, and will keep trying!  After tennis, we went out to Peter’s Grill.  It was so quiet there, other than our group, there were only 2 other ladies there.  On the way there, we already decided that we would order 4 pizzas.  When we ordered pizza, his pizza-maker-woman said that she only had enough dough for one pizza, but he persuaded her that 2 were possible.  So the dough for one pizza base, was made to make two pizzas, and they were super thin!  We also had frites and some brochettes.  It was nice to get out of camp, and escape the plastic cutlery.



Then we had Magnum for dessert.


and left.