Tonight’s dinner was surprisingly good!

by Adam

Walked into the canteen at 6:30pm, and intended to eat very quickly so that I could set up the room for LAN.  There were Oriental decorations and a special menu.  I don’t know what the occasion was, but the food was good tasting.  At first, I had the chicken, which had real pieces of ginger with it!  Then when I had finished that, everyone else was telling me that I should have the pork.  So I had a serving of rice and pork as well, and that was good, I could still feel the spicy feeling in my mouth when I left the canteen! wow….  and I walked in expecting just to have a quick eat…  so I didn’t bring my camera/phone, so no photos Sad smile  After dinner, I went to set up the room for LAN.  There were 5 of us, we played Counter-strike and then some Warcraft.  I hope to update this blog soon with all the recent happenings, but I’ve been so busy! Goodnight!