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Month: May, 2014

I am safe!

At this morning’s safety meeting, I got a Brazil soccer shirt from Marcia Smile


It’s Andrew’s last day today!

20140530_074359_Route Municipale 14

Tuisko brought brownies in.

20140530_070450_Route Municipale 14

Boon works safe.

20140530_083938_Route Municipale 14

I try to be safe too!

20140530_090301_Route Municipale 14

Flore wastes food and Jacu tells her off.


Jacu eats a lot of cake.


Back of car selfie.



20140530_135319_Unnamed Rd


20140530_135754_Route Municipale 14

and the Canadiens lost game 6.  Maxime’s going to have to shave off his playoff beard!20140530_172128_Route Municipale 14

Ribs and rice for dinner!


Big meat Tim


Everytime I laugh, my stomach hurts, and when I walk up stairs, my bottom hurts.  Thanks BOON!

R&R tomorrow hoorah!


Body Blasted

Tonight was supposed to be a rest night (after playing tennis Friday-Tuesday, and walking up Mount Voh on Sunday!), but, Boon was running his Body Blast class, Contract Edition!  So I joined in!  Maybe I’ll rest tomorrow… or all of next week, since I’ll be on R&R!

Tennis Tuesday

Really tired now! After work, went for a jog around the camp with Duncan, Martin and Craig.  Then straight to tennis with Cedric.  Then to dinner.

Now it’s time to sleep, but I want to show you, the chaomian mountain the serving lady dumped onto my plate, and I conquered!


and a pussy.

20140527_160341_Route Municipale 14

Te grave? Oui! Je suis grave!

내일은 수요일이에요! 안녕히주무세요!

Night at Voh – Tuesday 20th May

Here’s some photographs from Tuesday night last week.  It was a dark night.  There was Constantin, Marius, Jacobus, Michael, Achim and Peter.  I was taking photographs and it was smelling like urine.  Shined my torch around and realised that there was a puddle nearby upwind!  I moved away from there and it was ok.





20140526_130716_Route Municipale 1420140526_131713_Route Municipale 1420140526_131735_Route Municipale 14

I ate it after dinner Smile  It was nice.

Here’s Ryonall’s fail-coffee in the morning.  The cup overflows!

20140526_091731_Route Municipale 14

My legs are still tired from Mount Voh and tennis yesterday, so I walking up the plant a bit slower today, and feeling it!  But… still managed to have a session of tennis with Andrew tonight, before dinner Smile

Donne moi ta slip!

I learnt a new phrase “Donne moi ta slip”, and what happens?  Two pairs of bonus underwear appear in my laundry bag!  Please contact me if you would like to have them, otherwise, I’m going to put them on the flag pole, or throw them out, or give them to reception!  Even though they are washed, I won’t be wearing them!


Oh Oh Mount Voh

Left camp at 8am, by myself.  Based on some rough directions, I parked next to the cemetery.  Then I didn’t know where to go, so gave Duncan a call and he told me the right direction.  Then the walk began!

It was a lot more difficult than I was expecting.  I reached what I thought was the first lookout, the halfway point, but actually, that was barely even before the climb started!

I stopped for a break, and to take photos.


While I was taking photos, a man came, it was Francois!


Francois accompanied me me until the halfway point where I stopped for more photos, while he continued.

I continued on, and when I had almost reached the top, then I saw Francois again, this time coming down.


At the top, I was taking photographs again.



then Tim and Michael came running up!


We took some photos.


I showed Tim the good rock to sit on!



Then we started the decent.


When coming back down, we noticed that it looked different from when we were going up, then I checked the GPS tracking and realised that we had gone back on the wrong path, by a long way!  So we had to turn back and backtrack a while before we reached the correct path again.  We jogged down a bit, then walked the rest.  My legs could really feel it!

I used the “My Tracks” app to track my path. Here’s the path, you can see where I started, near the cemetery, all the way to the top, and then our wrong-way decent, backtrack, and back down again.

And for interest, the statistics:

Name: Mount Voh
Activity type: walking
Description: –
Total distance: 14.09 km (8.8 mi)
Total time: 3:34:58
Moving time: 2:51:04
Average speed: 3.93 km/h (2.4 mi/h)
Average moving speed: 4.94 km/h (3.1 mi/h)
Max speed: 10.90 km/h (6.8 mi/h)
Average pace: 15:16 min/km (24:34 min/mi)
Average moving pace: 12:09 min/km (19:33 min/mi)
Fastest pace: 5:30 min/km (8:52 min/mi)
Max elevation: 696 m (2283 ft)
Min elevation: 74 m (242 ft)
Elevation gain: 1799 m (5902 ft)
Max grade: 24 %
Min grade: -23 %
Recorded: 25/05/2014 08:33

Finally we reached the bottom, Tim and Michael dropped me at my car, and then I drove back.  Had a quick shower, then to the canteen for lunch.  Ribs and chips, and…. ICECREAM! yay! icecream! I had another cup of icecream as I walked out the canteen.


I was feeling so tired, but at lunch, I saw jesus (pronounced hey-zoos!), who asked when we can play tennis again, and  said tonight!   So I booked the courts and went down there at 7.  However, jesus didn’t show up, so I played with Duncan and Delon.  Mostly with Delon who was helping me to work on serving.  It’s a lot of fun, I haven’t played since… last night!  Thinking about it, I’ve played every Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday night for the past few weeks!  If the weather permits, this week, I’ll play Monday and Tuesday!

So tired now…!


Click to see it large!

Goodbye Filipino Friends!

Many of our Filipino colleagues left us this week Sad smile  I’ll miss them very much!




We have a few friends still with us!

20140523_074343_Route Municipale 14

Martin, Emerson and Scott received Brazil shirts for safety awards.

20140523_082343_Route Municipale 14


Tuisko brought nice cakes for us! yum.

20140523_082940_Route Municipale 14

The cleaner in the office decorates our office with flowers.

20140523_155531_Route Municipale 14

20140523_155557_Route Municipale 14

Me and Lak.


Shadow of the plant.


Saturday afternoon, we had a little afternoon tour.




Duncan and Marc, the electrical engineers who commissioned this plant.


Then we had gaming on Saturday night.  Need for speed!  Duncan bought us red bean pancakes from Japan.


Wednesday 21st May

Chowmein and ribs for lunch!


White pussy.


The view while walking to plant.


I saw Jose giving Lak an in-room haircut.


Everyone must have waited until he got back for a haircut! Smile