Jonathan’s last Sunday at Malabou

by Adam

Headed out to Malabou beach resort this morning.

I went with Constantine.


We stopped by the supermarket at Koumac for some snacks, then to the bakery.



It was Scott’s birthday, so we got a cake.


Duncan missed the office-coffee, so he bought a coffee.


It was a cloudy morning, when we got there, it was raining.  So sat around some cocktails.





Thanks Constantine for this cool photo of Jonathan!


When the rain stopped, I went for a walk with Constantine.




The bridge crossing the water was broken, so we couldn’t cross.

We went back to the beach hotel for lunch on the island.





We all ordered horse burger (usually comes with the egg on top, but instead, the egg was inside – and it’s not really horse!).



Then we had cake!




Walked along the beach.


I tried to take some long exposures, but, light leaks were apparent.


So I did some testing and narrowed the light leak to the adapter!



But when I tape it, it’s fine!



The camera before:


The camera after:


Tried it with my 35mm Summicron, and the same issue again.  I’m quite disappointed about this as Novoflex adapters are supposed to be of high quality – not leaking light!

Then we came back, on the way to my room, I saw Emerson, who had just came back, he gave me mango, some crackers, and a keyring Smile

Early start tomorrow morning! Goodnight!