I love my new socks!

by Adam

During my R&R, I bought some new socks.


A few years ago, Qantas sent my luggage to Paraburdoo instead of Port Hedland, and I had to buy some boots and socks just to get onto the site for that day.  I bought a pair of these bamboo socks, and loved them, but holes formed and now I can’t wear them.

For the past year, I’ve been wearing some socks from Kmart, they were ok at first, but now, they keep dropping when I walk and aren’t very comfortable.

This time, I bought three pairs of different sock, and going to test them to see which ones I like best.  So far, I’ve worn the red ones and green ones and love them.  They are so soft and comfortable, that whether in my normal shoes, or work boots, my feet feel so happy!



and the colour is fantastic too!!!!