Here we go!


Volker told me that he lives next to the Lindt factory, and he brought chocolate.

At dinner, he kindly gave me a bag full of Lindt chocolate.


700g of cookies and cream chocolate!  So I brought it back to my room, opened the bag, and took a sniff.  Choco-Chocolatey-chocolatest chocolate aroma filled my senses.20140316_195501

I invited Tim over for some chocolate-time.  It was… fantastic.


I’m so happy, so delicious! yeh yeh yeh yeh!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Volker Smile

It has made my night wonderful.

After the not-so-wonderful dinner Smile


Good-chocolate-night SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

We want to help!


It’s a quiet Sunday.


Sunday–Fish and Chips for lunch

It looked good.


but it actually wasn’t.

However, icecream was good!  Chocolate icecream!20140316_125507

I love my new socks!

During my R&R, I bought some new socks.


A few years ago, Qantas sent my luggage to Paraburdoo instead of Port Hedland, and I had to buy some boots and socks just to get onto the site for that day.  I bought a pair of these bamboo socks, and loved them, but holes formed and now I can’t wear them.

For the past year, I’ve been wearing some socks from Kmart, they were ok at first, but now, they keep dropping when I walk and aren’t very comfortable.

This time, I bought three pairs of different sock, and going to test them to see which ones I like best.  So far, I’ve worn the red ones and green ones and love them.  They are so soft and comfortable, that whether in my normal shoes, or work boots, my feet feel so happy!



and the colour is fantastic too!!!!

Sunday: 10 Croissants and 4 Sausages

Sunday morning, I woke up and heard my aircon beep – there was another power trip.

I got up and loaded youtube, but while I was watching a video (review of A7R + Canon lens), it stopped loading, the internet had cut off.  So I got up and read.

Then I went to breakfast. It’s Sunday, so we get croissants today.  Tiny tiny croissants.

I asked for croissants, I was only given 4.  I asked for one more and the lady serving said no, so I told her that I’ll come back later, and she said ok.


After finishing my 4 croissants, I went again, and got another serving, but this time she only gave me three.  I asked for one more, and she said no, so I told her that I’ll come back later, and she said ok.


One more time, I went, and got another 3 croissants and 2 sausages, and that was it for me.  10 croissants and 4 sausages, that’s enough for breakfast!

After, I went to the bar with Duncan, and the internet was working there.  I tried playing a game on my phone, but have given up gaming on my phone for now.  Maybe when I leave New Caledonia, I can shop for a new phone… 106 days to go!  At least the internet is working in my room now Smile

My camera is broken

The Canon S100, my daily-pocket-companion, has malfunctioned!20140316_103137

There is a lens error – the lens is stuck out!  I’ve tried turning it on and off, taking the battery out and putting it back in, turning it on while touching the lens here and there.


Actually, when writing this, it started working.  Then I tried again, and it’s malfunctioning again Sad smile   I didn’t drop it or mistreat it.  It just started happening!  I’ll bring it back to the shop on my next R&R and hope they can have it fixed!

I’ll have to rely on my phone-camera for now!

Goodbye Sarah

Friday was Sarah’s last day.  Also, many are leaving at the end of March.

After the Friday morning safety meeting, we had pizza.



I ate a lot of pizza.



Cat was sleeping outside.


Did some permits and isolations, then it was lunch time.  However, I ate too much pizza in the morning that I couldn’t have lunch.  So during lunchtime, I browsed the internet, then sat at the office-kitchen table where the leftover pizza was.  I wasn’t hungry, but as I was sitting at the table talking to David, and the pizza was infront of me, I just sat there, eating while talking.  Then, I really had too much.

Not long after, there was a surprise meeting, with a big cake.


Tuisko brought in some chocolate brownies.  Super chocolate yay!


and we waited in the room for Sarah.





The cake was great.  Sponge was fluffy, cream was good!  There was fruit inside too! I had two slices.  And then there was a lot left over.

Then later the S+PC guys came over for some too!


I ate so much, that I couldn’t have dinner!