Here we go!

Month: February, 2014

Happy Valentine’s Day

Dear friends, Happy Valentine’s Day, for 5 days ago!


Sorry I haven’t been posting much, I’ve been using all my spare time to prepare a speech for my dear friend’s wedding, which I will attend next week in Perth Smile

Hope to update this blog soon, especially to share about my previous R&R spent on the island.


The Last Burger Night at Ginette’s Place

We had the last burger night at Ginette’s place on Saturday night.  These burger nights happen once in a while but it’s the first (and last) time I’ve been invited to this.  It was a good night out, and the burgers were the best ever.

On our way there, we had a short tour to see the magnificent houses of the important people (while we live in containers next to the plant).  Then we arrived at Ginette’s house.

We had drinks to start.


IMG_9500Then delicious brochettes.


While the burgers were being cooked.


Then we put condiments in.


and ate super wonderful burgers.


and then more burgers were cooked.


Then I had another burger!

Then it was cake time!  The cake was big!



and we got huge slices.


Thanks to Ginette and her husband for the great night and wonderful food!


I will miss burger nights at Ginette’s place!

Wet feet again

Tropical depression Edna brought lots of rain and puddles.  I wrapped my feet in plastic bags before putting them into my shoe, but at the end of the day, water still penetrated.

There were no more rain boots available at the warehouse, so now I don’t have any dry shoes.  I stuffed spill-kit in an attempt to dry out the shoes, as I’m out of newspapers. Sad smile

Dinner was not good tonight.  I think it’s because of the cost cutting, from the already not-so-good dinners!

They took away beer from the bar, then kimchi from the Koreans, now croissants from the French.

There was a notice on the canteen door.


A feedback form was provided, but with no pen to fill it in.

Basically, no more croissants at breakfast, (does it mean no meat at lunch?), no desserts, and no cordial.

Oh, and I’m just back from my R&R!  I’ll write about it soon! Smile