Happy New Year 2014!

by Adam


2014 is here!


New years eve was a busy day moving cages to be installed in the baghouse, and also a farewell to a few people, including Ishaq and Isabelle.

After work, had a special dinner, here’s the menu:


and here’s what I ate:


I also had a prawn.


and a super awesome icecream.


Followed by a lot of smoked salmon


and then more smoked salmon.


and watched others enjoy their icecream.



Then there was a band at the bar.


They were selling beer at the bar (2 per person).  I wanted to buy beer to give away, but I had no more money on my card.  I went to the post office to load money onto it, but the post office was closed Sad smile



Then I went back to my room, until just before 10pm, when the fireworks were due to start.  I brought my camera and tripod out, and set it up, and waited… and waited…

The fireworks didn’t start until 10:30pm, and the fireworks were exploding higher than anticipated.  I was so excited that I was shaking the camera, so many fail shots.  Here’s a few photographs that came out alright.


The finale was a mega loud firecracker that resounded from the buildings and surrounding hills.  It was fantastic.

Then I went back to my room, Skyped, partially planned my demobilisation trip, and then went to sleep before midnight.

Today was New Year’s day.  After breakfast, there was no bus, but fortunately Jonathan had a car so that we could get to work.  The morning started quiet, so I had time to send out a firework photograph as a new year greeting to my dear friends.  Then it got really busy in the afternoon.

After work, I went to the gym, then did some stretching, then to dinner.

I’m staying up late tonight because starting nightshift tomorrow night!