27th December 2013–Farewell Paul :(

by Adam

This morning, Santa-Aurelie came in with a bag of presents. She said that she picked a special one for me.


I was super busy in the morning, so didn’t open it until the afternoon, when she was in our office again.  Before opening it, I was wondering what it was, and guessing.


It wasn’t too far from a thought that crossed my mind!  It’s a cereal bar called “The Last Supper Bar”.  Apart from the cereal bar itself, inside, it had a short summary of each person in the last supper painting, how they were martyred, or died.  I liked that, history.  It also had a couple of thought-provoking WWJD statements, there’s a side of it where it could be offensive, but depends how you look at it.  Thoughtful.

Also, I received a gift from Mihi.


A Nouvelle Caledonie mug, and a lanyard!

At lunch, I saw Paul Jim – farewell!  Paul’s demobilising and going back to Canada.  I really enjoyed the past year in the presence of Paul.  He was great to talk to, particularly about photography.  I still remember the Thursday night during his first week here, when I found out he liked photography.  Though we have different subject interests, we’ve had very good discussions, he is someone who really understands and shares the same approaches.  Paul helped me make up my mind to get the A7R over the M 240 Smile I’ve learnt from him and hope to see him again.