Feliz Navidad and your mum too!

by Adam

My original R&R plan would let me be home for my Birthday and Christmas.  However, it was rejected, because I was told that I was needed here.  Why me and not others?  Maybe because they knew that I would say OK.

So today, Christmas day, was a quiet day.  Nothing much was going on.  I didn’t achieve very much.  Why am I even here?

This is me waiting for the scaffolders to come.


Anyway, to spread some Christmas happiness, I gave some presents.




1-Direction Lanyards! woo woo!  I only had enough newswrapping paper to wrap 4 of them last night.  The others were given without wrapping, or with tissues.

Jonathan showed me his wonderful PAINT skills.  This photograph below was edited by Mr Oakley himself, all credit to him!