Christmas Night 2013

by Adam

After work, I went to the gym, then to dinner.

Dinner was surprisingly nice tonight.  Salmon was good!


When I had finished, I saw Gala had fried chicken, I wanted some too, so went and got some.


It wasn’t as good as the salmon, but I ate it anyway.

Then nightshift Paul came in for dinner.  I was happy to see Paul wearing the Christmas present I left on his desk for him (the 1-direction lanyard).  Jonathan and Francois were also wearing it! haha…


Then Jacu came in, wearing a 1-direction t-shirt!


After dinner, I went to the bar to see a pre-ops/commissioning band play.


Then went to bible study with Wilson.  It was a change of venue, so only two of us, had a chat.


I am sad that Wilson is leaving this Saturday.  He is demobilising, back to Peru.  Everytime I see him, I feel happy, because he shares happiness.  I will miss him.