I’m back! Again…

by Adam

Just arrived back on site this afternoon (Sunday 22nd December, just in time for Christmas!).

Left home Saturday night at 9:40pm, went to the airport, checked in and sipped on Camomile tea.  Boarded the plane and slept well.

Landed in Sydney, went to the Tax Refund line, and it was huge, and slow.  Spent about 45 minutes in line.  There was a guy claiming  Nikon Df and PC-E 24mm, and he had a huge rollercase full of gear!  I just went to claim the tax back from my wrist strap and lens adaptor, and also got the “Goods exported in passenger baggage” form signed off for my camera (so that I won’t get taxed on it when I bring it back).

When walking to the lounge, there was a giant Oreo, with whom I got a selfie.


Had a quick breakfast and shower in the lounge, then went to board the plane.

Something funny was happening when boarding… my boarding pass was giving an error, then they told me that it’s a seat change… another upgrade to business class!  That’s twice a row now!

After the “welcome drinks”, of which I chose juice, I went to sleep.


Had a good sleep, then got up to have breakfast again.  I chose the cold breakfast because I really didn’t feel like having a pork sausage.


The flight attendant was very friendly.  He came to me and said “Mr Loh, we notice it was your birthday 2 days ago, Happy Birthday, did you have a good birthday?  We also notice that you achieved Gold status in September, congratulations”.  Then he offered me some Champaign, but, I shouldn’t drink, so declined.  It felt a little awkward, but special at the same time…

Then later, he came by again, “Still no glass of Champaign for you, mister birthday boy?”.  Still not wanting to drink, I declined.

When approaching the island, we flew over some beautifully coloured reefs.


The problem on my Canon S100 is getting worse.  I think there is some dust on the sensor.  At first was a couple of specks, now it’s a line as well!  And it’s out of warranty Sad smile

I took this photo of my seat when I got up to leave… so that I can remember.


I was the second off the plane, the first through immigration, then a long wait for luggage.  Got through customs and quarantine very quickly, then onto the pickup van.  I was the only one, but then we went to Tontoutel to pick up Simon and Fiona.  I slept well on the bus. 

Arrived back, and the place looked deserted, there was not many people around.  Even at dinner, it was very quiet.  I unpacked everything into my room already.

I hope I can sleep well tonight.  I will write about my R&R soon.