It’s Saturday! BBQ day!

by Adam

Spent the afternoon on field while instrument air leaks are being fixed.  Construction has only left us for one day so far, and still have things to fix!

I saw the scaffolders skilfully dismantling a scaffold.  I think they are removing most of the scaffolding before they demobilise.


Anyway, right after work, I went to the catneen for a barbeque.





I ate a lot of meat.  I also had 3 chocolate filled donuts (I had Thys’ as he doesn’t like chocolate, and Tom’s as he doesn’t like sweets, then I had mine, and some of Jonathan Ferris’ as his was super hard).  Then an icecream.   Now I am so full, and too lazy to go outside to the “disco” that they’ve got on.  I’m tired and frightened of the mosquitos outside.  They are vicious.