Sunday 10th November– Beach!

by Adam

Planned to sleep in on Sunday morning, but was awoken by a phone call asking me if I wanted to go to the beach.  As tired as I was, I’m glad I agreed to go!

We stopped by the supermarket at Koumac, and then to the bakery, where I had a “huit” (translates to ‘8’).  It’s like a giant bread donut.


The beach we went to was past Malabou Beach, it was my first time there.


It was a pleasant beach (the colours looked even more beautiful under polarised sunglasses), I sat under a shady tree.  The water was shallow and lots of little fish swimming around.  When we got there, we saw Tom, Martin and Lindo having a barbeque, they shared some barbequed meat with us.  It was tasty.


They went for a walk, while I lay under the tree relaxed.  There was a dog sniffing around for the barbequed meat.  It took the bones away.




I brought my laptop to begin updating my blog.


Then the clouds came and it started drizzling, so we left.