Here we go!

Month: October, 2013

Here I am…a year on

I arrived here in New Caledonia on the 22nd of October 2012.  Today is the 22nd of October 2013.  It’s a year since my arrival!

The place has changed a lot in the past year.  There are more rules, less Chinese people, construction is almost complete, meeting many people, learning a few words in French, seeing more of the island, finally got to see Noumea, the food here is getting better, and I’ve put on weight. 

I’m still thankful for the opportunity to be working here on this project, but dearly miss my wife, family, friends, colleagues, church, and life, back home.

I hope to put effort again to blogging my stay here Smile

Next week, I am going for my R&R, and I really do hope that I can still fit into my suit, as I will be attending a wedding dinner.


Excessive Photo Day–20th October 2013

Sunday 20th October 2013 was excessive photo day with Delon, Marius, Constantine, and Paul.  This is how it went:

We left site at 8:45am.


Got to Koumac at 10am and saw a pony eat grass.


Everyone went into the bush  Marius took photos of flowers.


Constantine took photos of bugs.


I took photos of everyone.



and myself


We went towards the caves.


Paul took a photo for me.


Constatine climbed up some rocks.


Paul tested his lens.


They looked at birds


We saw flowers.


More photos were taken


Delon made a phone call


And then we went for lunch.


Then menu was brought to us.


We saw William, Duncan, Mark and Daniel there too.



My duck came.


and I took photos of the others.


We left the restaurant.


And went back to the caves.


I put the camera on the tripod and took some self-photos.



Then watched the others take photos.


We looked around.


and then headed back.

We stopped at Voh gatope for sunset.

Along the way, we saw a crab crossing the road.  So we stopped for photos.


The crab ran to a tree.



Then we went to see the sun set.




After the sun had set, we took group photos.



We took many.



Tried to jump, but it was hard with the timer.



so we turned around.


and went back.

The power was out since last night

It was a super busy day yesterday, going up and down site doing isolations  Near the end of the day, there were a few power outages.  At the last one, I left work and went to my room, and realised that there was no power.  So I went to the gym for stretching, and it was dark in there, many people, exercising in the dark, with many mosquitos.

I went outside to stretch on the volleyball court in the dark and enjoyed the stars (and mosquitos), then joined Ray and Jacu shooting the basketball in the dark.  Went to dinner after that, sticky, dirty and sweaty.  The canteen was lit by backup lighting, so we were eating in the dark.

After dinner, I went to my room and was pleased to find that there was still running water for a good shower.  After my shower, I went to Room Z, where we usually game, and there was power in there!  Some were playing Starcraft, while I played internet and some DOTA with Ray.

Went back to my room and into bed.  No lights, no internet, no distraction, and no charge to my phone.

I left my door open at night while I slept, and in the morning, slept very lightly.  I felt as if I had overslept as I could hear other people’s alarm clocks ringing, and many footsteps outside.  I checked my phone and saw that I still had battery and it was only 4:30am.  Went back to sleep until my alarm.  I tried to shower but there was no water, so I went to breakfast and saw many people there looking fresh and well rested!  Must be the benefit of having no electricity.

Got to work, still no power at the office, went out to field to do some isolations.  Got back to the office later and there was power.  After lunch went back to the office and the power was out again.  I heard that there was no power at the camp still…  Super busy and tiring afternoon again, but when I finished work, was told that there was power at camp again.  Went to my room, had a shower, and then went to dinner.

Now I am in Salle Z watching a movie while I write this!

There’s no power here tonight

Currently 9:30pm, there’s been a blackout since 5:30pm.  No power at the camp, but we found a room which is powered from the camp facilities.  Set up a wireless network here, so gaming and internetting from here.  However, most things are blocked as it’s using the work network.

No French class tonight!

It’s cancelled! Sad smile