8th September–Lazy Sunday

by Adam

Slept in. Skipped breakfast. Got out of bed around 8:30.  Surfed the net.  Watched youtube.  Updated this blog.

Around 10:30am, Jacu went to Ray’s room and we played DOTA.  3 rounds, and then we went to lunch.


I had lots of chocolate icecream, and then wanted to get more chips.

On my way there, I realise that they had combined the Korean canteen into Western for lunch today, and saw a tray full of kimchi.  So I ate that instead.


I got excited and ate too much, but it was good.

After that, got another cup of icecream and bought a pack of Oreos.  Came back to my room and continued gaming while eating Oreos and icecream.


Had enough of gaming after a while, so did more net-surfing and you-tubing.  Went for a light dinner then Sunday night service.

6 more days of work until R&R! Smile  Goodnight