Here we go!

Travelling light is great!

Travelling light is great – no need to wait for check-in luggage! Off the plane, through immigration using the chip on my passport (so quick!), into the transfer area, bus to domestic terminal, then into the lounge for a shower and snack!

Before getting into the transfer, I quickly went outside so that I set foot into Sydney Smile



I was less than 15 metres from the door, then I went back inside.

Then I saw Mcdonalds! Haven’t seen Mcdonalds in 5 weeks!


Here’s some photos from the bus window!


Also saw Hungry Jacks… but didn’t feel like eating it right now! Especially when I can get ‘free’ food here!


Time to snack a bit more before boarding!


I’m coming home, again!

Alarm went at 5am this morning, packed the rest of my room, left my guitar in the care of Paul, and then went to breakfast.  It was nice to have an early breakfast, the croissants were good!


Paul was also having breakfast.


And Jonathan finished nightshift, so he came for this breakfast/dinner.


Then I went back to my room.

Today was special, I did not need to get the bus to the airport at 6am.  Instead, I got a ride with Zac.  It was a lot more comfortable and enjoyable Smile


Was getting really hungry, we were talking about food!

Got to the airport about 9:30am, checked in and now in the lounge, munching and writing this.


Time to eat more!

Grinding Party

Went out for a team dinner last night at Hibiscus Hotel to celebrate finishing TOP8 (our Hammer Mill Flash Dryer area) (well, almost).

Sat around in the lounge area at first, sipping water and talking, and then moved outside to our table.  Had a good time listening to those around me talking about so many topics including vegetarianism to renovations.

This is what I ate… (menu names will come soon, but pictures for now!).

Entre: Foie Gras.  Took a long time to be served.  Perhaps they are not allowed to use funnels.


Main: Lamb.  I didn’t finish the yam side.




I was so full by the end of it.

Scott gave a nice speech.


Then we headed back.  Got back to my room before 11pm, then packed everything away.  Was in bed by midnight!