It’s already Week 5 Thursday–1 Day to go!

by Adam

That was quick! 5 weeks are almost over.  Saturday morning, I’ll be on a bus to the airport! Smile

On Tuesday night, I went to dinner and then to French class.


We started learning about imperatif, then some new-comers came, and we went back to basics.


There was a nice sunrise on Wednesday morning.


Wednesday dinner:


After dinner, we had bible study, Joshua shared about prayer.  A few from the Sunday evening service came to join us, it was good to have them with us!

Martin’s Thursday breakfast:


and my Thursday night burger!


I received a gift today!  Silicone wrist strap.


but it’s special!


How super cool!  4gb capacity!  However, it didn’t come pre-loaded with anything cool.

I’m putting together my R&R plan, so far, it’s an excel sheet with things to eat, places to go, people to see, things to buy, things to bring back home and things to bring back here.  Please make an appointment to meet with me (hor hor hor)!  Whatsapp or email, as my Australian sim card will not be put into my phone until I arrive!  Looking forward to going home, I’m so excited!!!