Saturday, Sunday, and now it’s Tuesday

by Adam

So the Prime Minister came and left on Saturday.  I didn’t see him or his 50 delegates (maybe because I stayed inside the office for the morning).  However, there was icecream at lunch, and this was good enough for me.


Jacu is also happy after icecream.


He also discovered a good default position for his hand to rest.


Everyone enjoys this!


While Mr Collins was gaming in his head.


Oh, and it was the day that Daniel Qiao left!


Bye Daniel Qiao!  Now we can actually play Dota without being continuously owned by Mr Qiao.

After dinner, we gamed.


Mostly Counter-strike and then finished off the night with Dota, until we all rage quitted at midnight.

I slept well, then on Sunday morning, opened my eyes and looked a the clock at 8am.  Got out of bed straight away, got changed and went to breakfast.


Then we got in our car, and went to Pindai beach!

Ray and I have the same insect repellent and sun cream!


Ray and Jacu played with the ball in the water, while I sat under a tree, read, and took some photos.

Here is Ray trying to stop the ball with his powers.


Here’s the beach.


Here’s our car.


We wanted to have some fun.  So we lit a fire.


Was good once it got going.


I tried to wash my hands in the waves, but the water came up and through my shoes.  Hong offered to dry my socks.


But it wasn’t very good, so I put them to dry on the tree.


There was then some tree-climbing (not me though!).


And then Jacu put out the fire before we left.


They had a good nap in the car on the way back.


Then we stopped at Mobil for some fuel, air, and icecream!


Got back to my room, and cut the hair off my face.  First with scissors, then with a razor.


Then I played Dota with Ray and Jacu.  I was doing very well, then at 7pm, I went to dinner.


After dinner, Josh and I went to check out this Sunday Evening Service we saw advertised on the canteen door.  I was very happy to be there!  After some singing and prayer, we read through Proverbs 20-25 in Korean, Tagalog and English.  Finished the night meeting the other people there.  It was great to meet there other people I had met before!  This meeting has been happening since 2011, and I didn’t know about it until now!  I can’t go next Sunday though, as I will be on R&R!

On Monday,  I got a new dust mask.  It  is so much easier to breath than the disposable paper mask, and I don’t feel as wasteful by throwing out paper masks.  Also, my shaven face gives a better seal.


I just realised from the photo, it looks a bit tight?


After a few hours, I had condensation dripping out the front vent!

I was out doing field checks of airslide covers and bag filter valves, went up to EL122, it was a good view and a cool breeze.




On my way down, I noticed a puddle of liquid under my “do not urinate here” sign! Sad smile


Monday night dinner.


Tuesday morning was busy, had a permit opened yesterday, did the isolation this morning, and then helped out the job.  Took a photo of the view while waiting for safety to come audit.


Then I went to lunch, and took a photo of William in the bus.


I purposely post this here, because after I took it, Duncan said “you’re going to be on Adam’s blog now”, and yes, here you are, you are on my blog. Smile


Sat at the back of the bus on the way back to work.


Then in the afternoon, went with everyone else to have a look inside the calciner combustion chamber!


On my way down, I saw this cool forklift with painted on rims.20130730_152631

Tomorrow afternoon, William, Duncan, Ray, Jacu and Boon are going to New Zealand to ski and snowboard, for their R&R!  My R&R is coming this Saturday! yay!

It’s dinner time now, so I’ll go to dinner, and then to French class!