The Prime Minister is Coming!

by Adam

Tomorrow morning, the Prime Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault, and his delegation of around 50 people, will be here.

It reminds me of when Queen Elizabeth II was visiting Perth for CHOGM.  Things were beautified.

I went into the control room today and saw that they had painted the walls, removed a few posters, and there were three ladies in the kitchen area polishing the floor with various equipment.  The people who normally work in the control room are not allowed to be in there tomorrow morning.  Other wonderful things are happening: fencing and barricading being fixed to more logical positionings, muddy walkways are being filled with gravel, road markers cleaned white.  Though we personally won’t get to see or meet him, I think it’s going to be an impressive visit, and for the project, I hope it goes well! Smile

Who is this Prime Minister?  To be honest, I didn’t know that France even had a Prime Minister, so I didn’t know who Jean-Marc Ayrault was.  I searched on Google, and the results I got was of the latest news: that he was in Korea yesterday and the Korean transcription of his name is 에로, which translates to “Erotic”.  In other places, it had other translations. Link to news.

It doesn’t affect me, but his visit should be good.