I had an early night last night!

by Adam

I was so tired on Wednesday that after work, I skipped dinner and stayed in my room.

I was on my bed by 7:10pm, and sleeping by 7:30pm!  After a series of absurd dreams, I woke up at 12:30am, feeling awake, and excited that I still had 5 hours of sleep left!  That excitement was probably the cause of me lying in bed for another hour trying to get back to sleep.  When my alarm went, I eventually, slowly but reluctantly made it out of bed, but then I felt all awake and energised again.  It was a great night!

Now, about my absurd dreams.  I specifically remember three scenes.

The first involved continuously clearing my nose by blowing, and a continuous stream of mucus kept coming out.  Eventually even my custom earplug came out of my nose.  It was a strange but extremely relieving feeling!

The second involved urinating into a bush, non-stop, almost like never-ending, and relieving.  I was also glad when I woke up to find that this dream did not have any physical manifestation.

The third, I was at my apartment underground car-park looking at cars.  I saw my dad drive out and drift around the corner in his old green BMW.  Then I decide to take the shortcut secret stairs up.  But I walked too far and ended up going into another building.  I came out again to try and get back to my building, but ended up walking through the poolside of a resort.

All this happened before 12:30am when I woke up.

Here’s my lunch yesterday.


And here’s Liam at lunch, the day before he demobilised.


Here’s Daniel, who will also demobilise after next week!


And here’s Andrew, who is due to demobilised on the 31st of December 2013, with me Smile


I got a ride with Mark to lunch today.


Wasn’t pleased with the hot food they had on offer, so I had some chicken, salad and baguette – it was great.



In the afternoon, I had to count some things, to make sure we have enough for line 2.


Here’s a man squatting.


Thomas gave me some biscuits from Malaysia.  It’s really nice, spicy, like prawns.


Then burgers for dinner!


After dinner, on the way back to my room, I walked through the gym, and saw Ray, working hard.


Liam demobilised today Sad smile Farewell, my friend with red hair!