Bastille Day

by Adam

Today, the 14th of July, is Bastille day: the French National Holiday.  Unfortunately for us, this public holiday falls on the Sunday, a day on which we don’t work anyway, so it makes no difference to us.  So it doesn’t feel like a public holiday, and makes our short list of public holidays feel even shorter.  On the positive side though, there was fried chicken for dinner last night, and fireworks.  However, the fried chicken was… so dry, with no meat Smile  I didn’t take a photograph of it, because I didn’t have my phone with me since I went straight to dinner from soccer.  After dinner, I went to William’s room for some funtimes with William, Ray, Duncan and Esteban.  Watched the fireworks and then back to my room for good sleep!

How I spent my Bastille day: Got up late and skipped breakfast.  Around 10:30am, met with Mr Collins for some Counter-strike, Warcraft III, Left 4 Dead and Tower Defence, had lunch break at 1:15-1:45PM, then continue gaming until 5:30PM.  I am still sore from soccer.

Here’s a summary of the week.

Had a walk-down of Line 2 on Monday morning – to walk-down and make a punchlist of items to be completed by construction.  I wear a mask for safety.


I really like wearing a mask, I feel protected.


Then I had lunch.


After lunch was a bit quieter, then it was dinner time.


On Tuesday morning, the safety officer who usually hides behind bushes with his radar, was breath testing people randomly at the bus stop.


In the morning, we had another walkdown, this time for another subsystem.  It involved going to the top, so we took the lift.


I think just under 30 people fit in the lift. 

I got to see some cool stuff, like the skilful scaffolders at work!


The same worker from a distance:


Then later, when he progressed building it a bit more, from a different angle.


The walkdown was a long one, it went until 12pm, then I went for lunch.

Jonathan was full after lunch (he had to rest for nightshift.


On the bus back to work:


Then in the afternoon, got some “White Christmas” snack from Scott, which his wife made.  Very yummy.


Then dinner.


After dinner, I went to French class.

Wednesday morning we had a nap in the bus on the way to work.


Wednesday lunch.


After lunch, I went to the bar for a bit to play internet.  Lots of people resting there.


Picked up some new masks.


Wednesday night, I went to the gym, and then bible study.

Thursday morning, someone was playing with the pussies.  (Friday and Saturday as well!)


Thursday lunch.


It was a bit quiet, so I went to the control room to learn what’s going on, but caught them during coffee-call.


In the evening I saw the new defibrillator – a fork.


And saw Daniel in the gym!


I also went to the gym, and then dinner (burgers and fries!).

On Friday, I got some cheesecake Smile


Then I had ribs at the Chinese canteen for lunch.  Tastes even better with 고추장!20130712_120632

Then gym and then dinner, with 고추장 again!


Saturday lunch.


And since it was Saturday, we had icecream!


I only had four scoops this time.

By Saturday night (which I mentioned about at the beginning of this post), the icecream was just melted, it was just cream.  On Sunday (today), there was only a choice between three green icecreams, all pistachio flavour.

Oh, and here’s some pussy.


3 weeks to go!