by Adam

It’s been almost two weeks since I last updated this!  So let’s start where I last left off – my luggage not arriving!

On Tuesday (2nd July), the boyfriend of our logistics-lady very kindly helped to pick up my bag from Kone.  I am very thankful for that – I didn’t have to go all the way into town to pick it up!  That day, we finished work late, got to the canteen after 8pm, but managed to enter through the back door.  I skipped French class that night, because I was too late, but I was happy to receive my bag.  In my bag, I had many trail-nut bars and more excitingly, my new wireless access point (and also my new underwear!).


My old wireless access point was misbehaving – often disconnecting me mid-Skype-call, or while I’m surfing the internet.  So I had a good excuse to buy a new one!  What did I buy?  Thanks to the suggestion of Mr Cox, I bought an Ubiquiti Picostation M2 HP.  It’s a cute but powerful indoor and outdoor access point.  I ordered it before my R&R and it arrived when I was back in Perth.

Also on Tuesday, I looked in a French/English dictionary and saw some shared words Smile


This is Ray spying on girls in the canteen.


Oh… back to my wireless access point!  It needed a shielded ethernet cable, for the drain to earth wire, and I searched many places around Perth and couldn’t find one.  I was fortunate that someone who demobilised, left one behind, which I can now utilise!

I attached a magnet to the mount, so I can attach it outside when I want to set up the network with my neighbours.  Yes! That’s another reason why I bought such a powerful wireless access point – so that I can play LAN games with my buddies in my neighbourhood!


and it works! I can now play Counter-strike from the comfort of my own room!  It works fine with Paul, who I have direct line of sight with, but not as well with Jacu – sometimes get some lag spikes.  I suspect that it may be due to interferences or maybe his laptop can’t transmit to my access point as well.

This is what dust looks like.


This is what a failed bolt looks like.


This is my sign in place.


This is a durian biscuit from Thomas.


This is a Thursday night burger.


This is a pineapple cookie.


These are two of Dirk’s phones (the Duos was a temporary replacement for when his Note died, now it has been resurrected).


This is Friday ribs at the Chinese canteen.


And this is Saturday morning.


These are the dead batteries from my calculator.  (I was testing out my new screwdriver).


This is another snack from Thomas.


This is a cool gaming T-shirt!  I was wearing a Pokemon t-shirt too!


On Saturday night, there was the closing of the “Koniambo Olympics”, so there was a nice barbeque, I ate so much meat, and donuts.

We were also gaming on Saturday night… Unreal Tournament 2004, Dota, Tower Defence, Counter-strike.  My eyes were burning!


Then the next morning we got in two cars and went to Poe Beach (Ishaq, Jonathan, Daniel, Hong, Jacubus).  In the morning, it looked like a beautiful day – sunny and blue skies.  There was beautiful scenery on the way.



Then it got cloudy.

We stopped in Bourail for an early lunch.  (850XPF for burger + drink)


It wasn’t very good, but I was full.


Then we arrived at Poe.


By then, it was very cloudy!  And the tide was low!


As the tide was low, it was very shallow, so had to walk out a bit before we could start swimming.  But even swimming, it was shallow!  I saw many fish and coral, it was beautiful, but would be better on a sunny day with more water.  I took video with my Sony Actioncamera, and more happier with the results this time (since I got the flat lens).  I’ll share the video here, later!

Got back to the beach, and it was cold.  So we lit a fire to keep warm, and BBQ baguette.


Jacu spent hours flying his kite, while we sat around the fire.



I was sitting there, then felt something hot in my lap – an ember had landed in my lap and burnt a hole in my shorts! OH NOEZ!



We ate pineapple, and then got in the car, and headed back.





And got back in time for dinner…


I’ll put this week into another post!