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Month: July, 2013

Saturday, Sunday, and now it’s Tuesday

So the Prime Minister came and left on Saturday.  I didn’t see him or his 50 delegates (maybe because I stayed inside the office for the morning).  However, there was icecream at lunch, and this was good enough for me.


Jacu is also happy after icecream.


He also discovered a good default position for his hand to rest.


Everyone enjoys this!


While Mr Collins was gaming in his head.


Oh, and it was the day that Daniel Qiao left!


Bye Daniel Qiao!  Now we can actually play Dota without being continuously owned by Mr Qiao.

After dinner, we gamed.


Mostly Counter-strike and then finished off the night with Dota, until we all rage quitted at midnight.

I slept well, then on Sunday morning, opened my eyes and looked a the clock at 8am.  Got out of bed straight away, got changed and went to breakfast.


Then we got in our car, and went to Pindai beach!

Ray and I have the same insect repellent and sun cream!


Ray and Jacu played with the ball in the water, while I sat under a tree, read, and took some photos.

Here is Ray trying to stop the ball with his powers.


Here’s the beach.


Here’s our car.


We wanted to have some fun.  So we lit a fire.


Was good once it got going.


I tried to wash my hands in the waves, but the water came up and through my shoes.  Hong offered to dry my socks.


But it wasn’t very good, so I put them to dry on the tree.


There was then some tree-climbing (not me though!).


And then Jacu put out the fire before we left.


They had a good nap in the car on the way back.


Then we stopped at Mobil for some fuel, air, and icecream!


Got back to my room, and cut the hair off my face.  First with scissors, then with a razor.


Then I played Dota with Ray and Jacu.  I was doing very well, then at 7pm, I went to dinner.


After dinner, Josh and I went to check out this Sunday Evening Service we saw advertised on the canteen door.  I was very happy to be there!  After some singing and prayer, we read through Proverbs 20-25 in Korean, Tagalog and English.  Finished the night meeting the other people there.  It was great to meet there other people I had met before!  This meeting has been happening since 2011, and I didn’t know about it until now!  I can’t go next Sunday though, as I will be on R&R!

On Monday,  I got a new dust mask.  It  is so much easier to breath than the disposable paper mask, and I don’t feel as wasteful by throwing out paper masks.  Also, my shaven face gives a better seal.


I just realised from the photo, it looks a bit tight?


After a few hours, I had condensation dripping out the front vent!

I was out doing field checks of airslide covers and bag filter valves, went up to EL122, it was a good view and a cool breeze.




On my way down, I noticed a puddle of liquid under my “do not urinate here” sign! Sad smile


Monday night dinner.


Tuesday morning was busy, had a permit opened yesterday, did the isolation this morning, and then helped out the job.  Took a photo of the view while waiting for safety to come audit.


Then I went to lunch, and took a photo of William in the bus.


I purposely post this here, because after I took it, Duncan said “you’re going to be on Adam’s blog now”, and yes, here you are, you are on my blog. Smile


Sat at the back of the bus on the way back to work.


Then in the afternoon, went with everyone else to have a look inside the calciner combustion chamber!


On my way down, I saw this cool forklift with painted on rims.20130730_152631

Tomorrow afternoon, William, Duncan, Ray, Jacu and Boon are going to New Zealand to ski and snowboard, for their R&R!  My R&R is coming this Saturday! yay!

It’s dinner time now, so I’ll go to dinner, and then to French class!


The Prime Minister is Coming!

Tomorrow morning, the Prime Minister of France Jean-Marc Ayrault, and his delegation of around 50 people, will be here.

It reminds me of when Queen Elizabeth II was visiting Perth for CHOGM.  Things were beautified.

I went into the control room today and saw that they had painted the walls, removed a few posters, and there were three ladies in the kitchen area polishing the floor with various equipment.  The people who normally work in the control room are not allowed to be in there tomorrow morning.  Other wonderful things are happening: fencing and barricading being fixed to more logical positionings, muddy walkways are being filled with gravel, road markers cleaned white.  Though we personally won’t get to see or meet him, I think it’s going to be an impressive visit, and for the project, I hope it goes well! Smile

Who is this Prime Minister?  To be honest, I didn’t know that France even had a Prime Minister, so I didn’t know who Jean-Marc Ayrault was.  I searched on Google, and the results I got was of the latest news: that he was in Korea yesterday and the Korean transcription of his name is 에로, which translates to “Erotic”.  In other places, it had other translations. Link to news.

It doesn’t affect me, but his visit should be good.

[7-4] Week 4!



Monday morning, Ray wanted a bow.


So I gave him one.


Then I went to line 2 to check some things, then later to the warehouse to pick up some replacement parts which were delivered.  It took a while, so we waited.20130722_134225

In the evening, saw the big moon rise!


Then I went for dinner.  When lining up for a tray at the restaurant, there’s gruesome safety flashes to put you off your meal.


Have a closer look!


Then I had my dinner.  Carrots and pasta which looked like little fingers, and chicken, with meat like fingers.


The next morning, when I came out of my room to go to breakfast, I saw the moon setting.  So I went back to my room to get my camera.


Had a meeting in the morning.


Then went for lunch.


After lunch, saw Duncan coming to the bus stop!


and we sat right at the back!


Ray had a nap.


and Duncan was relaxing too.



Jonathan gave me a badge (which he got from his grandparents who got it with a pack of smarties when their team came last in a quiz night).  I also discovered that my phone camera corrupts some images (see below!)


In the evening, Gala gave me an Orange Tim Tam to share with Andrew.


Then I went for dinner.


Jonathan was looking red, as he went for a run.  So I took a photo to show him.


For breakfast Wednesday morning, I decided to break the trend.  I’ve been having 2 fried eggs on toast for the past few weeks.  This time, I had an omelette and put some gochujang with it!  I’ve been having this for breakfast since then.  Quick to eat and tasty.


Got to work and saw the cats entertaining each other.


Then had a walkdown from 8 until 12.

There were some gruesome safety posters around site.  I posted it here, but when reviewing the draft, decided not to post it, it’s seriously gruesome.

As part of the walkdown, we had to go up to elevation 122m.  It’s a nice view from up there.



And here’s a portable toilet at elevation 122m.  It’s dirty!


For lunch, I wasn’t pleased with what was on offer, but, the baguettes and butter are consistently good.  So I had some baguette and fillings!  Good lunch!


After lunch, tried to pick up the things from warehouse, but it was too big for our ute.

Here’s a “good” guy.  He always likes to say “good”.


I didn’t finish my kiwi fruit at breakfast, so finished it in the afternoon.  Soft and sweet!


Then dinner.


Thursday pre-sunrise looked like a fire in the sky.


Thursday was also goodbye-Oliver and goodbye Shayan day! Sad smile


Actually, I didn’t know he was Oliver until the day he was leaving.

All the best to these people leaving…

I hope to see Shayan in the office again when I get back!  Before we mobilised to this project, Shayan and I were both assisting with the pumping rig safety training project back at the Perth office.  I remember when we were just talking about coming here, and now he has come, and gone…


On the way to lunch, I saw that they were cleaning up the road markers (spraying them clean).  This is because the Prime Minister of France will visit on Saturday.


Lunch again didn’t look great, so I had mostly yummy baguettes!


And sat across from Daniel, who is leaving Saturday Sad smile


Not long after lunch, Gala brought out some chips in the office.  We weren’t hungry, but they were there and they tasted so good.


Then had a teleconference with Germany 5:30pm-7pm.  I managed to leave just before 7pm.  It was Thursday, so, burger night!


My burger wasn’t very good.

Friday morning, I saw that Lak loves his baguettes too!


I collected some more things from the warehouse and let the vendors sort through it.  It felt like Christmas time.

2013-07-26 10.02.30

Friday night dinner, DUCK.


Many people gone to Koniambo hotel tonight, to celebrate 3 things.

1) Daniel Qiao is demobilising Sad smile

2) It’s Duncan’s birthday on Saturday.

3) Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Prime Minister of France, will visit on Saturday.

[7-3] 7th Swing–3rd Week (Saturday and Sunday)

Again, I haven’t had a chance to update this blog since last week!  So I’ll try my best to pick up where I left off.

Saturday 20th July, after work, I went to dinner.


It was Saturday, so, I had icecream.


After dinner, we played games.  DOTA and Counter-Strike was on the menu.



We had a good time of gaming, and finished around 12:45am!

Sunday morning, I got up to go to breakfast.



Our car had a flat tyre, so we pumped it up, and then headed to Pindai Beach.

First, we stopped at Kone discount.


I observed many Chinese stocking up on milk powder.


Kone discount sells everything… You can buy a stove-top.


Or you can buy a bicycle.



Then we stopped at Mobil for some charcoal, and Ray bought me an icecream!


Then we headed for the beach.



At Pindai Beach we watched Jacu and Daniel try Deon’s K1.


Watched them play frisbee.


Watched Jacu fly his kite, and then started a fire.  We ended up using some of my hand-gel to start the fire for the barbeque.





Scroll up again, and look at Ray…

Ray’s dream of growing facial hair, came true.


Doesn’t his new facial hair make him look more manly?



Then it got cloudy, and we saw a rainbow.


Then the sun came out, and Ray tried to get a tan.



We came back, I was so tired (from the night before), so went to bed, super early!!!  Then I woke up later and couldn’t go back to sleep Sad smile

I got a special mention!

Got an email a few days ago regarding the Hatch Australia-Asia Photography Contest, which I entered a few months ago.  It was to tell me that I didn’t win , but got a special mention.  I didn’t expect to win, let alone a special mention, so I am happy!

I tried to have a good lunch like yesterday, but there weren’t as many salad choices.  Putting cooked Chinese Cabbage with tomato sauce and mayo in a baguette with margarine is pretty tasty!


And for dinner, pasta!


I will also make a special mention, of my friend Ray.  He dropped his dinner on the floor, but I failed to take a photo.  This is Ray with his second serving.


I had an early night last night!

I was so tired on Wednesday that after work, I skipped dinner and stayed in my room.

I was on my bed by 7:10pm, and sleeping by 7:30pm!  After a series of absurd dreams, I woke up at 12:30am, feeling awake, and excited that I still had 5 hours of sleep left!  That excitement was probably the cause of me lying in bed for another hour trying to get back to sleep.  When my alarm went, I eventually, slowly but reluctantly made it out of bed, but then I felt all awake and energised again.  It was a great night!

Now, about my absurd dreams.  I specifically remember three scenes.

The first involved continuously clearing my nose by blowing, and a continuous stream of mucus kept coming out.  Eventually even my custom earplug came out of my nose.  It was a strange but extremely relieving feeling!

The second involved urinating into a bush, non-stop, almost like never-ending, and relieving.  I was also glad when I woke up to find that this dream did not have any physical manifestation.

The third, I was at my apartment underground car-park looking at cars.  I saw my dad drive out and drift around the corner in his old green BMW.  Then I decide to take the shortcut secret stairs up.  But I walked too far and ended up going into another building.  I came out again to try and get back to my building, but ended up walking through the poolside of a resort.

All this happened before 12:30am when I woke up.

Here’s my lunch yesterday.


And here’s Liam at lunch, the day before he demobilised.


Here’s Daniel, who will also demobilise after next week!


And here’s Andrew, who is due to demobilised on the 31st of December 2013, with me Smile


I got a ride with Mark to lunch today.


Wasn’t pleased with the hot food they had on offer, so I had some chicken, salad and baguette – it was great.



In the afternoon, I had to count some things, to make sure we have enough for line 2.


Here’s a man squatting.


Thomas gave me some biscuits from Malaysia.  It’s really nice, spicy, like prawns.


Then burgers for dinner!


After dinner, on the way back to my room, I walked through the gym, and saw Ray, working hard.


Liam demobilised today Sad smile Farewell, my friend with red hair!

Goodbye Liam Dinner

As Liam is demobilising on Thursday, we went out to dinner to celebrate.  We went to Escale in Kone.











They went all fancy, drinking flavoured digestifs.  It’s not cheap to eat and drink out, drinks alone already about $280 – and I don’t even drink!  It’s nice to get out of camp, but I’ll try not to go out too much!

Here’s my lunch.


and my afternoon tea.


Counting Flashbacks and Bruxism

This afternoon, I was counting stuff.  Instant flashbacks of a previous job I had, as a counter.


Here’s my dinner Smile


I’m still sore from Saturday night soccer.

My jaw is particularly sore.  I realised that I have been a Bruxist for the past two nights.  Dreaming about my teeth being stuck together, falling out, going to the dentist, etc.  All that time, I’m actually grinding my teeth together.  I’ve had a very sore jaw all day Sad smile

On a better note, here are some cats.


Sunday Night

When I went to dinner tonight, I saw Martin making 김밥, so I offered him some 고추장. Open-mouthed smile


He gave me a piece Smile  They caught a lot of fish!


This was my dinner.



Bastille Day

Today, the 14th of July, is Bastille day: the French National Holiday.  Unfortunately for us, this public holiday falls on the Sunday, a day on which we don’t work anyway, so it makes no difference to us.  So it doesn’t feel like a public holiday, and makes our short list of public holidays feel even shorter.  On the positive side though, there was fried chicken for dinner last night, and fireworks.  However, the fried chicken was… so dry, with no meat Smile  I didn’t take a photograph of it, because I didn’t have my phone with me since I went straight to dinner from soccer.  After dinner, I went to William’s room for some funtimes with William, Ray, Duncan and Esteban.  Watched the fireworks and then back to my room for good sleep!

How I spent my Bastille day: Got up late and skipped breakfast.  Around 10:30am, met with Mr Collins for some Counter-strike, Warcraft III, Left 4 Dead and Tower Defence, had lunch break at 1:15-1:45PM, then continue gaming until 5:30PM.  I am still sore from soccer.

Here’s a summary of the week.

Had a walk-down of Line 2 on Monday morning – to walk-down and make a punchlist of items to be completed by construction.  I wear a mask for safety.


I really like wearing a mask, I feel protected.


Then I had lunch.


After lunch was a bit quieter, then it was dinner time.


On Tuesday morning, the safety officer who usually hides behind bushes with his radar, was breath testing people randomly at the bus stop.


In the morning, we had another walkdown, this time for another subsystem.  It involved going to the top, so we took the lift.


I think just under 30 people fit in the lift. 

I got to see some cool stuff, like the skilful scaffolders at work!


The same worker from a distance:


Then later, when he progressed building it a bit more, from a different angle.


The walkdown was a long one, it went until 12pm, then I went for lunch.

Jonathan was full after lunch (he had to rest for nightshift.


On the bus back to work:


Then in the afternoon, got some “White Christmas” snack from Scott, which his wife made.  Very yummy.


Then dinner.


After dinner, I went to French class.

Wednesday morning we had a nap in the bus on the way to work.


Wednesday lunch.


After lunch, I went to the bar for a bit to play internet.  Lots of people resting there.


Picked up some new masks.


Wednesday night, I went to the gym, and then bible study.

Thursday morning, someone was playing with the pussies.  (Friday and Saturday as well!)


Thursday lunch.


It was a bit quiet, so I went to the control room to learn what’s going on, but caught them during coffee-call.


In the evening I saw the new defibrillator – a fork.


And saw Daniel in the gym!


I also went to the gym, and then dinner (burgers and fries!).

On Friday, I got some cheesecake Smile


Then I had ribs at the Chinese canteen for lunch.  Tastes even better with 고추장!20130712_120632

Then gym and then dinner, with 고추장 again!


Saturday lunch.


And since it was Saturday, we had icecream!


I only had four scoops this time.

By Saturday night (which I mentioned about at the beginning of this post), the icecream was just melted, it was just cream.  On Sunday (today), there was only a choice between three green icecreams, all pistachio flavour.

Oh, and here’s some pussy.


3 weeks to go!