I’m back! But my luggage is not.

by Adam

It was rushed transfer, got off the plane at 6:30am, and the next plane boarding time was 6:45am, departing at 7:30am.  Fortunately, I asked for and was granted a express path pass, which let me go to the shorter queue at immigration and security.  Rushed to the gate, and onto the plane, and back to sleep.  I made it Smile

After the plane had landed, rushed to immigration.  I was one of the first in queue (every person I overtake walking, is one less person to wait behind!).  Then the wait for my luggage.  Luggage starting coming out of the conveyor faster than usual, but I was there, waiting, until the end, to realise that my luggage wasn’t there!

I went to the baggage counter and got a form to fill in, but then had to wait a while before the man at the counter had finished dealing with the people who had a lot to say.

They’ll hopefully bring my luggage to the nearby town (30 mins away) tomorrow night, and then I can pick it up from the shop.

Fortunately, I was the only arrivee on the bus driver’s list, so he waited for me.  Also, while I was at the baggage counter, an airport lady asked me twice, on different occasions, confirming my name, because the driver was waiting for me.  After getting on the bus, it left, and then I was the only one on the bus.  Until we stopped at the hotel and picked more people up.

Finally arrived at site, and I took a small bus into the camp.  Sat next to a Pilipino man who had just been drinking.  I saw him struggling to open the window and saw him trying to contain vomit in his mouth.  I tried to help him open the window, but we could not.  So we stopped the bus, and ran out, and he released the vomit he was holding it.  I was just scared that he could choke and explode all over me.

I’ve had dinner, now back in my room.  Qantas gave me an over-night kit.  Free t-shirt! horhor.



Hope to get my luggage back soon, all my snacks and shopping is in there!!!