[6-1] Saturday Brie–Sunday Photographing

by Adam

Saturday was a busy day.

For lunch, had lasagne, pastry, and coke.  Didn’t take too much so that I could have more icecream.


Unfortunately, the icecream choice was between pistachio, pistachio, and pistachio.  Nothing wrong with pistachio, but would have liked to have a few more choices.20130525_124810

Then I had a cup of Fanta, which matches my shirt.


After lunch was super busy, preparing permits.  Heard that there was a strike around New Caledonia, so petrol stations were closed, some flights cancelled, and roadblocks!The roads to the airport were blocked, apparently with burning cars.  So those who left in the afternoon to go to the airport, came back!  Some vendors only made it to Kone before they had to turn back, while a bus made it to Poya, and then had to turn back.

I was at the office until about 6:15pm.  Was supposed to go to a brie for Marius’ birthday, but decided not to go, as I was tired and thought that I would have a quiet night at home.  However, got a phone call from Tom offering to pick me up from the office, so, I went, straight there in my work clothes!

Stopped by the supermarket on the way for them to pick up some drinks.  I don’t drink, so don’t know the price of beer, but is this a good price?  About $1.70.




Had good dip, salad, and lots of meat! Enjoyable night!



I got to practice driving manual on the way back into camp.

Met up with Paul and Constatin for breakfast, then headed out Eastward.

The weather in the hills were misty, and drizzle.  Stopped at a few different lookout points.  They mostly did macro, I did a few landscape shots, but all on my XPan.  So no shots to share until I get it developed.  Here’s a few from the GXR.



Paul attached his headlamp to lenshood for some lighting! haha…


Shooting water with a 10 stop ND filter.





Got back after lunchtime, but too late for the canteen, had some snacks in my room, played some internet, had a nap, got up and played more internet, Skyped my lovely wife, and then went for dinner.

Monday tomorrow, busy week ahead!