[6-1] Wednesday – Friday

by Adam

On Wednesday morning, I did the isolation for the confined space inspection of a duct, and on Thursday morning, it was inspected.  Hours of preparation for a safe 10 minute inspection.


On Wednesday night, on the way to dinner, I saw a whole group of Hatch-people blasting their bodies without Boon (who usually runs the session, but is on R&R in New Zealand!).


After dinner, I joined 7 others for bible study.  Wilson just came back from his R&R which he spent in Europe, and he shared chocolates with us.


After the duct inspection on Thursday, I was given a biscuit.


I got the idea of buying a head cover from Liam.  Here we are with the covers


After having this picture taken, I thought that, like Liam, I should write my name on my hardhat (I used to have a sticker, but it fell off).


This morning (Friday), I saw that there was a car parked at the new bus stop.   When I walked around it, I realised that it had a clamp!


Went for lunch at the Chinese Canteen.



Pork overload, I’m going to have a break from pork for a while now.20130524_132927

Hi Roy!20130524_132944

Marc came back from Canada.  He stopped over in Japan and got me a comfort pack (lots of rice cracker and snacks!)  Thanks Marc! Smile

Wasabi peas!