Here we go!

Steak like gum

Just got back from dinner.

Steak was so chewy that I had to spit it out.

I kept chewing and chewing and it wouldn’t break up, it was like gum.

Now I’m full of soft kiwi.

Tuesday–Salty mince

Had a huge lunch today.  I asked for the chicken, and pasta, but the lady refused to give me minced meat because I already had chicken.  So I put my plate down at the table, and went back to get the minced meat.  There was a lot, but I ate it all.  It was rather salty.

On Monday afternoon, the Perth group had a teleconference with the Perth office.


I had my head-cover I wear under my hardhat which I bought when I was in Perth.  It’s so good, covers my neck from the sun and is quite cooling when the breeze blows in.  Also makes the hardhat confortable since I have short hair.


I think it goes well with a cap.