On my way home, again

by Adam

Currently sitting on a leather tube chair in Salon Hibiscus (fancy name for lounge), nomming on pretty little snacks, sipping Orangina, typing on my laptop and feeling special, while others around me do the same, eating little snacks, sipping coffee, reading newspaper.  I feel pretentious, but everyone else here is enjoying this too.  Hence, I’m going to write this post, pretentiously.

Alarm went at 4am this morning, had a shower and packed the rest of my things, then went to have breakfast.  I’m glad they changed the bus departure time from 5:15am to 6am for this season.  Got to the bus stop at 5:45, James with the cool moustache was also leaving too.

We waited a few minutes for someone who was late, apparently he woke up at 5:47am! haha… at least he had a good sleep.

Listened to Paul Gilbert Live in Nagoya official bootleg, which I bought at Tower Records (in Osaka in December 2010).  Then had a halfway stop at Le Djebel, I bought a nem for 150 Franc, then ate some snacks I bought from Korea.  Nems were highly recommended by colleagues.


Got to the airport at 9:30am, and waited for the check-in counter to open.  When it opened, I got to go to the exclusive priority queue, checked in and lined up with everyone else while waiting for security check to open.  After getting through security and immigration, had a quick look at duty free, but had nothing to buy as I’ve got everything already.

So I took the lift upstairs, to my favourite toilet cubicle and did my business.  I felt relieved.  Then I entered into this lounge and having some snacks and drinks while I write this.



Boarding is at 11:45am, it’s now 11:18am.  Time to eat and write more.