Here we go!

Month: May, 2013

[6-1] Saturday Brie–Sunday Photographing

Saturday was a busy day.

For lunch, had lasagne, pastry, and coke.  Didn’t take too much so that I could have more icecream.


Unfortunately, the icecream choice was between pistachio, pistachio, and pistachio.  Nothing wrong with pistachio, but would have liked to have a few more choices.20130525_124810

Then I had a cup of Fanta, which matches my shirt.


After lunch was super busy, preparing permits.  Heard that there was a strike around New Caledonia, so petrol stations were closed, some flights cancelled, and roadblocks!The roads to the airport were blocked, apparently with burning cars.  So those who left in the afternoon to go to the airport, came back!  Some vendors only made it to Kone before they had to turn back, while a bus made it to Poya, and then had to turn back.

I was at the office until about 6:15pm.  Was supposed to go to a brie for Marius’ birthday, but decided not to go, as I was tired and thought that I would have a quiet night at home.  However, got a phone call from Tom offering to pick me up from the office, so, I went, straight there in my work clothes!

Stopped by the supermarket on the way for them to pick up some drinks.  I don’t drink, so don’t know the price of beer, but is this a good price?  About $1.70.




Had good dip, salad, and lots of meat! Enjoyable night!



I got to practice driving manual on the way back into camp.

Met up with Paul and Constatin for breakfast, then headed out Eastward.

The weather in the hills were misty, and drizzle.  Stopped at a few different lookout points.  They mostly did macro, I did a few landscape shots, but all on my XPan.  So no shots to share until I get it developed.  Here’s a few from the GXR.



Paul attached his headlamp to lenshood for some lighting! haha…


Shooting water with a 10 stop ND filter.





Got back after lunchtime, but too late for the canteen, had some snacks in my room, played some internet, had a nap, got up and played more internet, Skyped my lovely wife, and then went for dinner.

Monday tomorrow, busy week ahead!


[6-1] Wednesday – Friday

On Wednesday morning, I did the isolation for the confined space inspection of a duct, and on Thursday morning, it was inspected.  Hours of preparation for a safe 10 minute inspection.


On Wednesday night, on the way to dinner, I saw a whole group of Hatch-people blasting their bodies without Boon (who usually runs the session, but is on R&R in New Zealand!).


After dinner, I joined 7 others for bible study.  Wilson just came back from his R&R which he spent in Europe, and he shared chocolates with us.


After the duct inspection on Thursday, I was given a biscuit.


I got the idea of buying a head cover from Liam.  Here we are with the covers


After having this picture taken, I thought that, like Liam, I should write my name on my hardhat (I used to have a sticker, but it fell off).


This morning (Friday), I saw that there was a car parked at the new bus stop.   When I walked around it, I realised that it had a clamp!


Went for lunch at the Chinese Canteen.



Pork overload, I’m going to have a break from pork for a while now.20130524_132927

Hi Roy!20130524_132944

Marc came back from Canada.  He stopped over in Japan and got me a comfort pack (lots of rice cracker and snacks!)  Thanks Marc! Smile

Wasabi peas!


Steak like gum

Just got back from dinner.

Steak was so chewy that I had to spit it out.

I kept chewing and chewing and it wouldn’t break up, it was like gum.

Now I’m full of soft kiwi.

Tuesday–Salty mince

Had a huge lunch today.  I asked for the chicken, and pasta, but the lady refused to give me minced meat because I already had chicken.  So I put my plate down at the table, and went back to get the minced meat.  There was a lot, but I ate it all.  It was rather salty.

On Monday afternoon, the Perth group had a teleconference with the Perth office.


I had my head-cover I wear under my hardhat which I bought when I was in Perth.  It’s so good, covers my neck from the sun and is quite cooling when the breeze blows in.  Also makes the hardhat confortable since I have short hair.


I think it goes well with a cap.


R&R 5

Perth, Perth, Tokyo, Seoul, and then, Perth.

This was in the lift when leaving Salon Hibiscus.


I had a exit row seat from Noumea to Sydney.



Then spent a few hours at Qantas club in Sydney, eating biscuits.





Then went to board the plane at Sydney to go to Perth.

20130511_171100I landed in Perth on Saturday night at 8:30pm.

I shaved my moustache off on Sunday morning.  This is it before.


On Sunday, went to church, then in the afternoon, visited Steve and Wendi (congratulations!).  On the way home, wandered through some car yards.  It was nice being able to browse without being pestered by a salesman.


On Monday, had roast pork and roast duck in Northbridge.


and walked around Perth, having my safety glasses exchanged, and dropping off a roll of film.


We walked towards Kings Park, but then it started looking cloudy, as if it was going to rain, so stopped by Grilled at Brookfield place for some chips.


Then at the cafe on William street for a drink.



On Wednesday, I met with Andre for lunch.  I had Sundubujigae.


After that, I dropped by the Perth office to visit everyone who was there.


Then went to meet with Julie and then we walked towards the car auctions.  On the way, stopped by a dealership to have a look.  There was a nice Kia Rio.


It was interesting at the car auction, many cars on display, but none that we were really keen on, so left before the auction started.  Went to have some pho!


On Thursday, my sister, nephew and niece came over.  Had some fun with them.


On Friday, I went to the dentist for a checkup in the morning, everything was fine, except that I needed to book a scale and clean for my next visit.  After that, I had breakfast at home, and then walked to Galleria Toyota as they were having a big sale.  The salesman was too pushy.  Visited two other dealerships after, and the salesmen were a lot nicer.  Less pushy and more helpful.  Then I went to Hungry Jacks for an Aussie burger.  It wasn’t great.  The patty was dry, the bread was flat, and it all fell apart.


Then had some gooey caramel cake at Coffee Club.


At night, met up with my friends at Grilled.  Had a burger “kung fu fighter” which was really nice.


Followed by a blackforrest icecream at coco black.




On Saturday afternoon, I went for a haircut.  I told the lady “4 all over” and she had to confirm a few times “Are you sure? that’s short”. It was a nice change.  No need to comb, dry, save on shampoo Smile.  Here’s a before and after.



Then pizza for dinner.


Went to the airport.  Drank camomile tea.  Got in the plane and slept.20130518_230525

Supposed to board at 11:35pm, but there was an announcement that “due to the very fast flight time, boarding will be at 11:50pm”.  I boarded, got in the plane and slept.  The plane landed late, at 6:20am.  As I had an international connection at 7:30am, boarding time 6:45am, I rushed to the transfer, was the first on the freezing bus, and waited for the bus to bring me to the international terminal.  Before boarding the bus, I saw the departures board said “GO TO GATE”.  I was stressing.

Got to the international terminal and rushed to immigration only to be confronted by a queue.  Fortunately I was provided with a departure card before leaving Perth, which I filled at the lounge before departing.  After getting through immigration, I went through security, so I had to line up for a full body scan, and then a explosives swab test.  By then I was really rushing.  I told the guy that I had to get the flight, and he said “this won’t take long”.  Good thing I had nothing to claim from duty free this time, and I walked quickly / semi jogged to the gate.  Got into the plane relieved… and waited…

Slept on the plane, woke up and ate, and slept again, then the plane landed in Noumea, and it was raining.  I was the second through immigration and my luggage was fifth on the conveyor (so quick compared to all previous times where I had to wait until the end).  I got through customs quickly, showed them my food and they were fine with it.  Went outside and saw the bus-lady and other people catching the bus.  Also met a manager whose wife and toddler daughter was sitting infront of me from Perth to Sydney and Sydney to Noumea!  I didn’t realise it was his wife and daughter!  His wife remembered me, because while I was sleeping, I was awoken by a plastic cup thrown into my lap by her daughter.  Fortunately I handed it back with a smile rather than being an angryman.

The bus stopped at the hotel to pick up people, but we had to wait almost an hour for the people to come, since we were ahead of schedule.  We finally arrived back at site around 3:30pm, I got to my room, unpacked, and showered.  I talked to Paul on Skype and he told me that there was a LAN happening.  So I brought my laptop along and tried to join in.  Had some trouble getting Frozen Throne working so ended up playing a few rounds of Counter-strike before going to dinner.

After dinner, came back to my room and prepared for bed.

[5-5] Week 5 of Swing 5



Someone parked in a no-parking area, the tyre was clamped, and it sat there, for days.  It’s still there, I think!


James got a cool moustache and was happy to get the printer working.  I don’t think his cool moustache is showing in this photo.


We had burgers on Thursday.


and then ribs on Friday.



Look closer behind… this is how you eat ribs.


Paul Roy Jim came back, and brought me a Leica M brochure and coasters from Tamarkin Camera in Chicago.

On my way home, again

Currently sitting on a leather tube chair in Salon Hibiscus (fancy name for lounge), nomming on pretty little snacks, sipping Orangina, typing on my laptop and feeling special, while others around me do the same, eating little snacks, sipping coffee, reading newspaper.  I feel pretentious, but everyone else here is enjoying this too.  Hence, I’m going to write this post, pretentiously.

Alarm went at 4am this morning, had a shower and packed the rest of my things, then went to have breakfast.  I’m glad they changed the bus departure time from 5:15am to 6am for this season.  Got to the bus stop at 5:45, James with the cool moustache was also leaving too.

We waited a few minutes for someone who was late, apparently he woke up at 5:47am! haha… at least he had a good sleep.

Listened to Paul Gilbert Live in Nagoya official bootleg, which I bought at Tower Records (in Osaka in December 2010).  Then had a halfway stop at Le Djebel, I bought a nem for 150 Franc, then ate some snacks I bought from Korea.  Nems were highly recommended by colleagues.


Got to the airport at 9:30am, and waited for the check-in counter to open.  When it opened, I got to go to the exclusive priority queue, checked in and lined up with everyone else while waiting for security check to open.  After getting through security and immigration, had a quick look at duty free, but had nothing to buy as I’ve got everything already.

So I took the lift upstairs, to my favourite toilet cubicle and did my business.  I felt relieved.  Then I entered into this lounge and having some snacks and drinks while I write this.



Boarding is at 11:45am, it’s now 11:18am.  Time to eat and write more.

Party Time!

After 1 month of not shaving, I shaved.


It was very hard work with the razor.  Next time I’ll use scissors first.

Last night, we went to Hotel Koniambo for a party to celebrate first ore, slag, metal, nickel.  Good times.  BBQ was rushed (we were lining up for it), so the meat wasn’t cooked well, but lots of drinks and good music.






A mega huge cake.


and lots of posing.