Pussy and Public Holiday



Alliance Pussy says hello!

Orange-men also say hello!





Ok, it’s a public holiday tomorrow (May 1st, labour day).  Most people have gone camping at Hienghene, but I did not want to go because I preferred to sleep in a container, than a tent, on a bed with sheets instead of in a sleeping bag on a mat, and to have regular showers, and a nice toilet to use, and air conditioning, internet connection, all that!  However, as most people won’t be here tomorrow, I won’t have anything to do (even all the buddies I played computer games with on Sunday, have gone camping!).  I wished that I could go to work, but we are banned from working unless critical to operations.  I heard that last year, people were chased out of the offices!

Yesterday, I received an email regarding Edmund’s cup going missing.  I received the same email three times from different people.  I contacted Edmund to let him know that I haven’t seen his cup, and he was nice and replied that his cup has been found three hours after the original email was sent (more than a month ago!).  I was interested in the email propagation – how it had started through a common trail, and then split apart, before all converging back together to reach me on the same day!  Out of interest, I mapped distribution.

On Monday night, my hot water wasn’t working, so I had a cold shower.  Then on Tuesday morning again, a cold shower.  I wanted to put in a maintenance request but thought I’d check the breaker first.  It had tripped! So I turned it back on and had a nice warm shower for Tuesday night!