[5-3] Sunday-Lan!

This morning at 2:37am, I was awakened by my phone ringing.  Someone started speaking to me in French, I asked if he could speak English, then he told me to wait, hung up, and called back.  The person who called me back, said that he was from the night shift scaffolding crew and asked if he could scaffold in a particular area.  I told him that I was not the chef, and probably not the right person to ask (as I did not know what was happening around that area at the time).  I had trouble going back to sleep after this.

Got up for breakfast, it was a grey and drizzly morning.  No one at breakfast had solid plans for the day, but everyone was instead asking each other what they were doing.  I decided to spend the day in, and not go out.  Around 9:15am, everyone had already left the canteen, and only Jacobus, Mitchell, Daniel and I were left.  So we decided to have a lan-party.

Went back to our rooms to get our laptops, then met at the bar.  However, was met with bad news: there was no power!  We checked all available power points and was told that the lady who was in charge of the bar who could turn the power on, wouldn’t be there until 4pm!

Managed to find a good room, with power, then we set up!


Set up, and played until lunch.  At lunch, had icecream Smile

After lunch, we played Warcraft III, tower defence, DOTA, until dinner time, then had dinner.



It was a good day in!  Back to work tomorrow, 2 weeks to go!

Wednesday is a public holiday here!