[5-2] Sunday at Poindimie!

by Adam

I opened the car door and saw a puddle of water on the floor mat – no idea how that got there! Possibly from water ingress from where the beacon cable comes in.  But it made the inside of the car smell sour like salami.  I have not driven the car since our trip to Koniambo Hotel on Wednesday two weeks ago.  And there were ANTS!  I emptied the water from the mat, and then Andrew, Duncan, and Gala got in the car, and we went to Kone first, to get some supplies (I wanted to get some bug spray to get rid of the ants).  I drove.

Then we proceeded to go to Poindimie (on the East Coast), the weather today looked grey and raining, I had to drive very carefully.

On the way, when the weather cleared a little, we stopped at picnic area.



We finally arrived in Poindimie, at the Tieti Tera Beach Resort.

We sat inside for a little while.  It looked really nice inside, everything made of wood.

R0013734R0013732Then we moved outside and had some cocktails (Thanks Duncan!).


Then we had lunch.R0013752

I was so full, but still managed to have dessert.


By then, I was mega-full.  So we relaxed around the pool.  I listened to music on my Ipod (thanks Melvin!), while surfing the net using wifi.  Later, we started streaming some Australian radio.



We left around 4:30pm, filled petrol at Kone, and got back to camp around 6:30pm.

Here’s some other photos from today, with the Summitar f=5cm at f/2.