[5-2] Hiccups

by Adam

I had hiccups last week, and this week as well.

This time, it started on Thursday evening.  It’s now Saturday night and still irritating me.

On Friday, I went to the imfirmerie for some help.  It was my first time in the infirmerie.  There were free candy in the waiting room.


Doctor gave me some medication.  As soon as he told me that he’ll give me some medication, my hiccups stopped.  I was given three different kinds of tablets. 


Then I went to the Chinese canteen for lunch, and when I left, the hiccups started again.

My hiccups stopped on Friday night when I went to sleep, and did not start again when I woke up, so I did not eat more medicine.  However, after breakfast, the hiccups came back.  After lunch, I came back to my room to get my medicines.  The hiccups have been on and off (mostly on), They usually stop before a meal, and come back a little while after the meal.

It rained so heavily on Wednesday night, it sounded like rocks were hitting the roof.  The next day, there were big puddles everywhere.20130418_104854

I dropped my scissors on Thursday night.


Safety guy hiding in the bushes (to catch people for speeding or not stopping at the stop sign).


Tonight, left work after 7pm, and a bus finally came at 7:30pm.  There was a surprised at the canteen – BBQ.  Nice dinner, and an icecream voucher.  I went to the bar, and it was like Christmas/New Year party again!  Beer, icecream, smoke, flashing lights, music, and lots of people (but only one guy dancing, apart from the two dancer-girls).