April 4th–Seoul International Photo & Imaging Industry Show

by Adam

Thursday.  A day I had been anticipating.  We were going to Photo and Imaging show.  We didn’t know about it early enough to register for free tickets, and missed the closing date for half price tickets, but fortunately, when we arrived at COEX, there was a man selling half price tickets Smile


We walked around COEX at first before having lunch  COEX was so quiet and empty with many of the shops closed due to renovation.  I remember it being so crowded and busy before!


Went into the photo show.  Many booths with lots of gear to play with.  Many people with big cameras shooting models.  This is what it was like:

Tamron – I’ve never owned a Tamron lens.


Sony had it’s own stage with musical.



Canon had a very large area as well.000025

There was a man-model for the Canon Powershot N which I got to play with (I played with the camera, not the model).


He also did pose for me.


It’s a really cute camera.  Square in shape, white in colour, flip out touch screen, zoom.  Very pocketable.  The flip out screen would let you shoot at waist level and you can trigger by pressing on the ring at the top of the lens.

Every current Canon camera model on display to play with!  Got to try the super telephoto lenses, image stabilised binoculars, their flagship DSLR the 1DX, the tiny entry level 100D, and their video camera.


and more model shooting…


Nikon man shooting Canon woman!


The ladder gang was also there in full force (people who walk around with step-ladders so that they can get a better view).


More guys with cameras shooting models!



Played with the Samsung Galaxy camera, and NX line of cameras, one of which had a 85mm f/1.4 on it.  I miss shooting telephoto, and started missing my 85mm f/1.2.


Julie was very happy, because we got free Starbucks coffee coupons when we got our entry passes, and then more free coffee at the Instax stand, after they take a free photograph of you which you send home as a postcard.  They had a very vintage-travel theme, with a Cath Kidston edition Instax camera.


There were other concurrent shows which we saw: Smart accessory show (smart phone gadgets), new media wave (video), Seoul photo (photo exhibition).  At the smart accessory show, I bought a new screen protector for my phone.  At the video-show, there was a cool demo with a line of cameras which were simultaneously triggered around jump shots.


As much as I love camera gear, after a few hours, I really had gear overload.  Enough of looking at cameras!

I enjoy looking at camera gear, and I enjoy taking photographs of friends, places I go, things I do, and we all take photographs of different things for different reasons/interests.  I don’t quite fully understand the meaning of shooting a model.  Actually, I don’t understand at all.  Yes, maybe it is a pretty lady, and you can test how sharp your lens is, until you can see her pores and facial hair, and then look at how good your bokeh is.  Do model shooters print out photos of the models and put them on their walls at home?  People who are pleasant to the eye, but have no relation?  Perhaps the same thing could be said about landscapes, other people might also have a difficult time understanding why we enjoy landscapes, or photos of places, activities, and friends – things that have personal relation and meaning.  There’s nothing wrong with what people are interested in, and what they enjoy taking photographs of, again, it’s just a different perspective, different interest, as we take photographs of things that interest us, or things that have personal significance to us.  The same thing could be said about what I take photographs.  Why do I do it? I enjoy it, but why?  I like keeping a record of things, snapshots at this point in time.  I like to see how things were, and these things are what is recorded now.  Also, I like to share these photographs with you.

We went for a walk around outside.


Then went into a cafe at COEX to charge Julie’s phone before heading to Yeouido, walking around the park and then meeting Julie’s sister for dinner.



We had fresh Korean beef (한우) for dinner.  So good! So good! The taste is so good.  The meat so tender!  So good! I really loved it! So good!








Then finished with a cold soup.


I miss the taste right now while I’m writing this!

지니누나! 감사합니다!!!!