April 3rd–Wedding Studio

by Adam

Had a booking at studio for some Wedding photos.  We got to the area early, so had lunch first.



When we go to the studio, I had to wait while Julie had her makeup and hair done.  Fortunately, I had my ipod and phone with me.  So I could listen to music, read, and play games.  About 45 minutes later, it was my turn! Felt so funny having makeup put on… I guess I need it.





The people there were very friendly.  The photographer was very gentle and knew exactly how we should pose (I think standard poses that he gets everyone to do, but it works!).  The studio had a number of different settings and a lighting panel full of fluorescent lights.  He showed us some photographs at the back of his 5dII after he had shot them, they looked good straight out!

We were sent the digital files and should get the album in a few months, when we go to collect it.  Thank you to the studio! Smile

04 copy

After photos, went to Shinsegae department store and walked around, look at the food, had some hotteok (not as oily this time!), and then looked at shoes and bags.  We ended up each buying a pair of shoes.


Went back and had pork belly (삼겹살) barbeque and rice wine (막걸리) to drink.


Saw a car outside that looks like ours in New Caledonia.


Here’s our car on the first outing.