4th R&R: South Korea

by Adam

30th March 2013 4pm: The bus departed site, bound for Tontouta Airport, the bus was full of Philippinos and three Koreans.  I bought with me, three “Up ‘n Go” drinks, for my snack and meals.

7:30pm We arrived at the airport for my 12:05am flight.  A lot of time to pass, so I played with my phone, played with my laptop, walked around outside, and drank my Up ‘n Go drinks.  Having three was a big mistake, especially since my body doesn’t handle milk very well.  So I wasn’t feeling very good.

After checking in, I went through security and then went duty free shopping.  12:05am, and we still had not boarded yet.  Later we boarded the plane, and I tried to go to sleep as soon as I got in.  I fell asleep, but I could feel the plane taking off, I think around 1am.

Woke up to eat a bit of the plane food, but did not finish it.  After about 4 hours of sleep, I got up and was still feeling very tired, but was not able to fall asleep.  I had the window seat, but it was dark outside, so could see nothing.  The guy next to me was asleep, and I wanted to go to the toilet.  I attempted to step over him, but after a few attempts, I gave up, waited, and when he moved a bit, I woke him up and then I went to the toilet.


April 1st 2013 8:30am: Arrived in Incheon airport, immigration was very quick, then I collected my luggage (amazing how quick it comes out, considering how big the airport is, compared to small Tontouta, where the luggage takes a long time to come out!).  I went to customs to declare that I had perfume exceeding the duty free allowance, but the lady was nice and said it was okay, and let me through.

I came out through the arrivals sliding door, right to my dear wife who was waiting for me.  I was so happy to see her, after 5 weeks.  We caught a bus home.

The rest of the this post will be very brief.

After having a shower, we went out and I had a $10 haircut (it was 11 weeks since my previous haircut!).

Then we went to Jongno o-ga Gwangjang Market, walked around and had some yummy food.


Drug kimbab


Then walked along to Cheonggyecheon stream.  The last time I walked along this stream was in Winter, December 2011.  So much nicer with the milder weather.



Then we walked to Insadong, had a nice oily hotteok.


Then some good mandu.


Walked to the new city hall, used the toilet, and saw the green grass outside, which was an ice-skating rink in winter.  This time they were selling flowers, because it was planting day on Friday.


Then we walked along and went to a buffet restaurant for dinner with Julie’s family to celebrate her birthday.  The food was so good, and I was so happy to see all of them again!


I’ll write more about the trip later.  Goodnight