Malabou Beach Hotel

by Adam

Got up this morning at 7:30am, went for breakfast, then met up at 9:30am to go to Malabou beach hotel.

In our car, were Josh (driving), Ray, Liam, and I.  In the other car were Jonathan, William, Daniel, and Duncan.  On the way there, we stopped by the supermarket at Koumac to get some snacks, and saw another group on the way to Malabou (but they were only going to the beach).  We got there, and it was really nice!

I went for a walk with Josh, and took some photos, I’ll put them here once I get them developed and scanned.

Came back to the bar where the rest were drinking cocktails, and I had a banana milkshake.  After a while, we went over the jetty to the island, for lunch.  I had a burger and fries.



It was a good burger and the fries were hot, and surprisingly not too expensive and I had been expecting!

Lunch eating and sitting around, I went to sit and lie on the grass next to the volleyball field with Josh.  It looked like it was going to start raining from far, and there was a nice breeze.  I took this photo from where I was sitting, next to the volleyball field, you can see the island where we had lunch, and the rain clouds in the distance!


Had a nice little nap, then was awoken by some people moving kayaks into the water.  Then saw Liam and Ray in the pool.


Sat and enjoyed for longer, before heading back.



We were tired in the car on the way back.  Liam and I kept awake, and of course, Josh, who was driving.



When we passed fields of cows, we moo-ed with them, and they looked at us.  We were happy.

We got back and went straight to bible study.  After bible study, had dinner, and now I’m back in my room!

Still a bit sore from tennis last night.


Had Tapas at the canteen before tennis.