Relaxed Sunday

by Adam

I didn’t want to go out today.  Just wanted to stay in my room and relax, and so I did!

After breakfast, came back to my room and read, looked at gear online, watched YouTube, ate my snacks from Japan, played guitar.

Then I went for lunch, saw Boon, Jacubus and Paul who were having lunch too (since they were working today!).  Then saw Daniel as well Smile  Jacobus has orange eyes.


Had fried noodles for lunch, and then icecream Smile

After lunch, I came back to my room, and then there was a power outage.  My room started getting warm without air conditioning, so I went outside to read in the shade, there was a nice breeze.  About an hour later, the power came back.

Had more snacks and a big cup of tea.


In the evening, I went for a walk and listen to music while the sun was setting.  Saw Boon blasting his body, Paul and Jacobus rowing hard at the gym, and remote control cars on the futsal field.  Now I’m back in my room before going to dinner.  I’ll have an early night tonight.