Week 2 has ended, Week 3 is here!

I encountered Mr Strangeman again.  On Friday, he asked for my watch.  On Saturday, when I saw him, I said “ni hao!” and his response was “ni bu hao!”.  His workmates gestured that this man is a bit crazy, but it’s funny having people like him around.

The first few hours on Saturday were spent trying to retrieve some items from the warehouse.  Getting there in the morning from site wasn’t too bad, probably left the office at 6:55am and got there at 7:05am.  Then was told that the guy I needed to see wasn’t going to be in for another half-hour.  So I waited there for him.  When he came in, he said that I needed to get a signature from construction since the material was originally indicated for construction.  So I waited for the bus to go back to the site.  After getting the signature, I called for a bus, it took about 40 minutes for a bus to come, and then finally picked up the material.  Coming back didn’t take too long, but it felt like an unproductive morning.  All I had to do was retrieve the material and be back, and it took a few hours to achieve just that!  The rest of the day was quite busy though.  Ended up leaving work around 6:45pm, had dinner, then came back to sleep.  I only had 8 scoops of icecream on Saturday.  4 at lunch and 4 at dinner.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to Poe beach, until I saw Boon at breakfast, and the plans have been changed.  We had lunch at Koumac instead.  Ray’s was working on Sunday morning.  He was working Saturday night until 10:30pm! and then Sunday working!).  I stayed in my room, blogged, read, played guitar.


I let them try on my glasses.


Didn’t get one of Boon, because he was around, taking photos.


Selfies! (With Boon behind!)


Then we took photos of each other (thanks Ray!)





It’s now week 3, Monday night.  There’s cyclone Sandra nearing, the breeze was strong tonight.  Thankfully, it hasn’t started raining yet.  After dinner, we had our bible study. There was good discussion.  We’ll see how the cyclone develops tomorrow.

According to the tracking/forecast, it should be just missing us, but we will still feel it’s effects.  Here’s the map from meteo.nc


Check out the satellite image!


The scaffolds I requested for the shutdown couldn’t be built today because the crews were busy doing housekeeping, so that things don’t blow away.  Safety first Winking smile